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Temperature Probes

  • Profile image of opened folding digital immersion thermometer

    Folding Digital Immersion Thermometer -TP31-S


    Digital Immersion Thermometer

    The TP31-S gives temperature readings quickly and reliably from within fluids and core temperatures of penetrable materials. Simple operation ensures an efficient Temperature measurements. Rugged immersion thermometer probe can be folded out at a 180° angle. Thanks to its robust hinge the probe can penetrate semi-solid and viscous plastic materials under considerable force.

    The Digital Immersion Thermometer has a IP65 protection and can be cleaned easily under running water.

    Digital Immersion Thermometer TP31-S Features: 

    • Digital Immersion Thermometer Probe type NTC
    • Automatic storage of the maximum and minimum value
    • Measuring can be switched between  °C and °F
    • Folding Thermometer Protection class IP 65
    • Illuminated display
    • Automatic range selection and display resolution of 0.1 °C or 0.1 °F
    • HACCP certification: ISO22000:2005
    • Thermometer Data-hold mode
    • Diameter of probe tube 3mm for easy immersion
  • External temperature probe for CL11 AC1215


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    External temperature probe

    to be used with  CL11 Data Logger for indoor air quality.

  • Humidity Probe

    Accurate Humidity Sensor probe – HC2A-S


    Accurate Humidity Sensor for Ambient Air for Indicators, Transmitters or Data Loggers

    This humidity sensor, HC2A-S / HC2A-S3 is the most versatile probe from ROTRONIC and forms the basis of the product portfolio. It measures humidity and temperature and calculates the dew/frost point.

    Digital Humidity Sensor and temperature probe features
    • 100% field interchangeable
    • Calibrate sensor without having to disconnect transmitter
    • Relative humidity, temperature measurement and dew point calculation
    • Excellent long-term stability <1 %RH / year
    • Humidity sensor accuracy from ±0.5 %RH
    • Integrated data acquisition and calibration history
    • Auto-diagnostics with error compensation
    • Programmable alarm functions
    • Advanced easy-to-use calibration features
    Humidity Sensor Applications

    HVAC, food industry, building services equipment, paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries