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Flow Meters

  • Multi parameter Anemometer air-flow , humidity & temperature

    Multiprobe Anemometer Hand-held Measuring Air-Flow, Humidity & Temperature | MiniAir20

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    Anemometer Mini air 20 Overview

    Hand-held measuring instruments to measure flow velocity of gaseous and liquid media, relative humidity and temperature. It features high precision and robustness and is especially suitable for mobile and laboratory applications.

    Anemometer Mini Air 20 Features

    • All MiniAir20 vane measuring sensors can be connected
    • Very simple operation, hand keyboard
    • Easy o repair on site thanks to the snap-on head principle
    • Momentary value measurement
    • All three channels can be displayed simultaneously
    • IR interface for on-site report printer
    • Accuracy: +1.0 % f.e. +1.5% f.m. (for MiniAir20 Mini)
    • Automatic sensor detection
    • Interval measurement
    • Average, minimum and maximum values can be displayed simultaneously
    • Storage on microSD card
    • Battery operation, mains operation possible


  • Thermoelectric Anemometer

    Thermoelectric Anemometer for low air flow | ThermoAir3

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    Overview of Thermoelectirc Anemometer | ThermoAir3

    The ThermoAir3 is a specialist instruments for measuring very small air flow and determining degree of turbulence, as well as  Relative humidity sensor for humidity measurement.  Includes  automatic temperature compensation, barometric pressure correction for local altitude, simple zero adjustment, individually adapted measuring sensor and our SCS wind tunnel guarantee high precision measurement and simple handling.

    Typical applications for this instrument are very small flow rate measurements in the lab, in clean room, air conditioning, drying and refrigeration installation, plus workplace comfort and well-being measurement.

    Features of ThermoAir 3 Thermoelectric Anemometer

    • Flow from 0,015 m/s
    • Automatic temperature compensation
    • Multi-sensor anemometer for flow and humidity measurements
    • 100% guaranteed measuring tolerance
  • RS232 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor ARCO-NAV

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    Combined wind sensor NMEA DAta Protocol label Seawater resistant Aluminium Metal parts label

    Wind Speed and Direction Sensor ARCO-NAV with RS232 Output

    The classical combined sensor for off-shore applications. The robust design made from material resistant to seawater with special coating guarantee high reliability with error-free long time use. Wind values will be given as NMEA-protocol serially every minute. For applications close to the sea this sensor is the first choice for either extreme weather condition or on the sea.

    Features of Wind and Speed sensor ARCO-NAV

    • Special coating for error-free long time use
    • Combined sensor design for universal use
    • Best material quality and precision for low start-up values and wide measuring range
    • Wear-free data collection for high accuracy and resolution of the measuring values
    • Serial interface with NMEA 0183 p
  • Flow Measurement Transmitter -AF1


    Air velocity measurement made easy.

    The AF1 series is a cost-effective, high-precision and stable transmitter for measuring air velocity and temperature. The devices have a calorimetric sensor and outstanding long-term stability. The measuring range and the output signals can be configured easily with a Software or using the integrated DIP- switches.


    • High degree of stability and repeatability
    • Compact design
    • The outputs and measuring ranges can be configured using DIP switches
    • Simple mechanical installation
    • Outstanding price/performance ratio
    • Ideal for HVAC applications
    • Modbus RTU via RS485


  • Handheld Air Velocity, Humidity and Temperature Meter AFP1


    The intelligent AFP1 multi-parameter measuring instrument is ideal for spot measurements in HVAC systems. Thanks to easy operation via a smartphone, it is possible not only to take random measurements, but also to record, export and display data as wanted.

    Operation with “ROTRONIC” App
    The AFP1 sensor is operated via Bluetooth communication with the ROTRONIC smartphone app, which can be obtained free-of charge from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
    The app offers functions to display, log and send the required measured values by e-mail. It is also possible, among others, to define parameter-specific settings and options for the measurement.


    • Intelligent multi-parameter measuring instrument for air velocity, humidity and temperature
    • Small vane anemometer for in-tube measurements
    • Telescopic rod extends to 1.2 meter
    • Smartphone connection via Bluetooth®
    • Easy data logging via iOS or Android app
    • Direct volume flow calculation
    • Numeric or graphic display
    • Simple data export for evaluation on a PC

    Delivery package

    • Factory certificate
    • Short instruction manual
    • APP (online)
    • Batteries 2 x 3 V (CR2032)
    • Soft case