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Milliohm and Microohm meters

Milliohm and Microohm Meters are used to identify poor connections that decrease electrical system performance. They use high current and low voltage to measure low resistance. Prevent electronic failures with precision accuracy.

  • MMR-6700 Micro Ohmmeter

    MMR-6700 Micro Ohmmeter

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    MMR-6700 Micro Ohmmeter - Overview

    This versatile and multifunctional micro ohmmeter presents a single device for HV circuit breaker and transformer measurements. Its modern design and advanced solutions enable measurements of resistive objects with high current. The device has a module for the measurement of inductive objects with current of up to 10 A. It also comes with temperature measurement and automatic compensation of measurement. Additionally, the micro ohmmeter has a recording function. The special measurement algorithms and additional functionalities allow you to select the appropriate measurement method depending on the nature of the measured object and the measurement conditions, thus increasing the measurement capabilities and application areas of the device. It has modern, easy-to-read interfaces, and wireless communication, and cooperates with a computer, printer, and a 2D code reader.

    MMR-6700 Micro Ohmmeter - Features

    • measures resistive objects with current up to 100/200 A
    • measures induction objects up to 10 A
    • measures objects earthed on both sides (i.e. main joints of HV switches)
    • measures one or two-way current flow
    • high immunity to outside interference
    • measures temperature of windings
    • automatic compensation temperature of objects measured
    • state of art interface with a touch screen and expanded memory
    • cooperation with a printer and a 2D barcode reader
    • WiFi, USB, and LAN communication
    • IP67
    • suitable where electromagnetic interferences of 400 kV occur
  • Multi-function Electrical Installation Meter MPI-540

    Electrical Installation Meter with Power Analyzer | MPI-540

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    Safety Rating CAT III at 500V LabelSafety Rating Cat IV at 300V labelLi-Ion Battery labelIP51 LabelBluetooth labelWiFi label

    Electrical Installation  Meter - Overview

    The MPI-540 meter is designed for checking the safety of industrial and domestic electrical installations. The user has the option to register the parameters of electrical networks located at these facilities. This allows for the measurement of the parameters for protection against electric shock using a single universal device while verifying the quality of electricity. The Auto mode allows significant automation of measurements of the meter and makes it possible to test the functioning of residual current circuit breakers, as well as in pre-programmed measuring sequences, which can be extended with their own sequences. Automatic measurement of insulation resistance of 3-, 4- and 5-wire conductors is possible by using an additional AUTO ISO-1000C adapter.


  • Cropico DO4000 MilliOhm Meter

    Cropico DO4000 MilliOhm Meter

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    Cropico DO4000 MilliOhm Meter - Overview

    This portable milliohm meter is a practical digital instrument measuring low resistance. Suitable for use in multiple industries, workshops, field or test labs such as in Aerospace, Automotive, Manufacturing, Military, and Utilities. This milliohm meter is of rugged construction and contained in a sturdy plastic case with easy-to-use buttons. The Series 4000 has many advanced features including auto-ranging, forward and reverse current measurement with auto average, true current zero, protection up to 415 volts rms, digital calibration and long scale length, 4000 count and auto power down to maximise battery life. Supplied with batteries and measuring leads.

    Cropico DO4000 MilliOhm Meter- Features

    • True 4 terminal Kelvin/Thomson principle measurement eliminates lead resistance errors
    • True zero capabilities Buttons to null measurement offsets
    • Digital calibration
    • Open circuit lead warning on display
    • 15mm LCD 4000 count with automatic decimal point and polarity indication
    • Manual Auto Ranging selection
    • Calibration Digital security key protected
    • Removable pack with 5 1.5V non-rechargeable batteries.
    • Separate rechargeable pack, charger and docking station as optional extras
    • Safety EN 61010-1 EMC-EN 61236
    • Forward and Reverse current measurement with auto Averaging to compensate for thermoelectric effect


  • Cropico DO4A Milli-Ohmmeters

    Cropico DO4A Milli-Ohmmeters

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    Cropico DO4A Milli-Ohmmeters - Overview

    This portable digital ohmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for use in the workshop, field or test facilities. It is of rugged construction and contained in an aluminium case with tilt handle. The DO4A has many advanced features, including protection up to 415 volts rms, digital calibration and long scale length, 4,000 count. The rechargeable sealed lead acid battery means real portability with more than 14 hours of continuous operation, without the problems normally associated with other battery types. Full measurement capability is maintained whilst charging.

    Cropico DO4A Milli-Ohmmeters - Features

    • True 4 wire measurement eliminates lead resistance errors
    • 6 push button ranges 40mΩ - 4kΩ with long scale length
    • 10μΩ resolution on 40mΩ range
    • Zero control thermal E.M.F. compensation
    • Digital calibration
    • Mains/rechargeable battery operation
    • Open circuit lead warning
    • Rugged industrial maintenance free design
    • Universal mains supply 100/200/220/240V +10% - 13%


  • Cropico DO7 Micro-Ohmmeter

    Cropico DO7 Micro-Ohmmeter

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    DO7 Micro-Ohmmeter - Overview

    The DO7 digital micro ohmmeter is a practical instrument for low resistance measurement, ideal for utility use in the workshop, field or test facilities. It is of rugged construction, contained in a sealed ABS plastic case with lid and carrying handle. The DO7 digital micro ohmmeter has many advanced features. Rechargeable batteries mean real portability with more than 1 hour of continuous operation on the lowest ranges(10A), and 20 hours on all others. The internal charger will boost the charge to 90% of full charge, switching automatically to a trickle maintenance charge. Warning LEDs illuminate when an open circuit lead condition is detected.

    DO7 Micro-Ohmmeter - Features

    • True 4 terminal measurement eliminates lead resistance errors
    • 10A measuring current
    • Rechargeable batteries with built-in charger
    • Measuring ranges 600µΩ to 60Ω
    • Resolution 0.1µΩ on 600µΩ range
    •  0.8” LED display daylight viewable
    • Auto average of forward and reverse measurement
    • Remote start socket
    • All solid state design
    • Wide range of leads and accessories available
    • RS232 printer output
    • Protection up to 415Vrms at the measuring terminals,
    • Digital calibration and long scale length
    • 6,000 count


  • DO7 Plus Micro Ohmmeter

    DO7 Plus Micro Ohmmeter

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    Micro Ohmmeter - DO7 plus - Overview

    The DO7Plus is a 10A micro ohmmeter, suitable for applications within aerospace, utilities, cable or machine manufacturers or where a cooling curve is required to plot peak resistance. Sealed in an IP67 case, it is ruggedly constructed to ensure durability. This micro ohmmeter has a display length of 60,000 counts and auto averaging of forward and reverse measurement removes thermal emf differences. The DO7Plus micro ohmmeter has built in rechargeable batteries which will provide up to 1 hour of continuous use at 10A, and up to 20 hours at all other ranges. The data log memory using FRAM technology offers unlimited read/write cycles and over 10 years of data retention, without relying on internal batteries.

    DO7 Plus Micro Ohmmeter - Features

    • Backlit LCD graphic panel with programmable timer for battery conservation
    • Qwerty Keyboard
    • Temperature compensation via PT100
    • Coefficients for Copper and Aluminum
    • Display length of 60,000 counts
    • Auto Averaging with a forward reverse measurement (removes thermal emf diff)
    • Log Memory can be plotted to calculate peak resistance value at t=0
    • Memory 1000 time stamped readings
    • Software included to view data via download with USB, RS232
    • Ruggedly constructed case IP 67 when lid is closed a d IP53 when lid is open.
    • On-screen, real-time graphical plotting cooling curve facilities with peak resistance value calculator
    • Reading rate of 2 readings per second
    • Measuring ranges from 6mΩ - 6kΩ
    • Resolution 100nΩ on 6mΩ range
    • Single pulse measurement for fast resistance tests
    • Continuous measurement current for inductive tests
    • Full test lead continuity testing and diagnostic display
    • Multilingual - display available in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian


  • DO7e Micro Ohmmeter

    DO7e Micro Ohmmeter

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    DO7e Micro Ohmmeter - Overview

    The DO7e is a rugged, compact and portable digital micro ohmmeter for the measurement of low resistance. Using a rechargeable sealed lead acid battery with a built-in charger, the DO7e is capable of measuring a current of 10 Amps on the lowest range. The DO7e has been designed with the latest solid state and microprocessor techniques to ensure the very best in measurement, reliability and features. Automatic range selection, forward and reverse current measurements with auto average and a remote start socket are all included as well as an energy-saving power down mode.

    DO7e Micro Ohmmeter - Features

    • True 4 wire measurement eliminates lead resistance
    • 6 push button ranges 6mΩ to 600Ω
    • Resolution 1µΩ on 6mΩ range
    • Auto ranging
    • 10A measuring current on lowest range
    • 0.8” LED display daylight viewable
    • Forward and reverse current measurement
    • Auto average of forward and reverse measurement
    • Auto power off
    • Mains/rechargeable battery operation
    • Digital calibration pass code protected
  • MMR 620 Micro Ohmmeter

    MMR 620 Micro Ohmmeter

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    MMR 620 Micro Ohmmeter - Overview

    The MMR-620 Series Ohmmeters are professional, portable instruments for measuring very low resistances. Due to their special measurement algorithms, they can be used for both resistive and inductive types of specimens.  The MMR-620 is the perfect instrument for electricians testing electrical junctions, motors and power transformers windings. The results can be stored in the internal memory and sent to a computer via the serial interface. A quick PASS/FAIL test function with results displayed and acoustically indicated simplifies measurements considerably. The MMR-620 meter can also be used for testing the quality of the junctions in a production process via the interface

    MMR 620 Micro Ohmmeter - Features

    • Measurements of objects resistive in nature:
      • welded and soldered connections, equipotential bondings, earthing conductors
      • contacts, welds of rails, conductors and cables
      • measurement according to the four-lead method
    • Measurements of objects inductive in nature:
      • motor windings
      • low-resistance coils
  • MMR-630 Micro-Ohmmeters

    MMR-630 Micro-Ohmmeters

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    MMR-630 Micro-Ohmmeters - Overview

    Measure motor winding resistance and other low resistances. Perform precise tests of objects of resistive and inductive nature using one instrument. This small resistance meter provides very high measurement accuracy. The measurement resolution is 0.1 µΩ. The MMR-630 model enables measurements of objects of resistive as well as inductive nature, such as transformers and motors. This is due to the large measurement current for the individual subranges and the corresponding operating modes. When testing objects of a resistive nature, rapid measurement (3 seconds) is applicable. When testing inductive objects, extended measurement is used (option of a shortened mode with a slightly lower measurement accuracy). The MMR-630 has been enhanced with special functions that allow it to be used in the production cycle for serial measurements, for example, during the inspection of large batches.

    MMR-630 Micro-Ohmmeters - Features

    • Measurements of objects resistive in nature:
      • welded and soldered connections, equipotential bondings, earthing conductors,
      • contacts, welds of rails, conductors and cables,
      • measurement according to the four-lead method.
    • Measurements of objects inductive in nature:
      • motor windings,
      • low-resistance coils.
  • MMR-650 Micro Ohmmeter

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    MMR-650 Micro Ohmmeter - Overview

    Designed to measure very low resistances of both resistive and inductive types of objects, including amorphous core transformers. MMR-650 can be also utilised on a production line (eg. at the final production control stage). An innovative combination of a high-performance measuring device with a modern user interface and advanced data management system. Wireless data transmission, enhanced system of 2D codes and the ability to print labels to identify test items, all contribute to bringing new work quality and allow the user to perform a wide range of measurements.

    This product is made to be used in power plants, railways and maintenance companies to measure the resistance of:

    • windings of power transformers and motors,
    • breakers, contacts,
    • earthing conductors, equipotential bondings,
    • welded and soldered connections,
    • bolted connections,
    • and other resistive and inductive objects.

    MMR-650 Micro Ohmmeter - Features

    • measurement of winding resistance (inductive objects including amorphous core transformers)
    • measurement of very low resistance
    • transformer core demagnetisation function
    • automatic temp compensation function (temperature probe)
    • function of determining the temperature of a motor under load
    • high immunity to disturbances