Calibration Services

Action Instruments have supplied quite a few Instruments that are used as Power Calibration rig for newtons 4th power analyserreference in calibration labs. In fact we have supplied the high accuracy instruments to NMISA who is prime commercially produced measuring standards in South Africa.

  • a 0,1 milli-Kelvin accurate measuring instrument for resistance temperature metrology
  • a 0,5% gas flow rate system for flows from 5 ml/min to 50 l/m
  • a 0,005% power and energy measurement comparator, measuring 5 mA to 1A and 6 V to 576 V at 50 Hz and
  • a -95 ºC Dew point chilled mirror / absolute humidity measuring instrument.

Action  Instruments offer products that may require calibration we offer these service to our clients. We work closely with our client and offer calibrations at reasonable prices and add value to our products by adding calibration services through locally accredited SANAS Calibration labs. We offer a one stop shop to help you with calibration on or off site whether you require SANAS or traceable we can assist. With many happy clients working with us handling all their calibration requirements by experienced calibration labs  with our carefully selected partners will find a solution for you. As  we have relationships with most calibration labs in South Africa we are very well placed to find you the best service for your need.

We  regularly get SANAS or ISO 17025 calibration done for our clients in the following fields:

  • Air Flow Calibrations
  • DC Low Frequency Voltage Calibrations
  • High Voltage Calibrations
  • Humidity Calibration
  • Light Meter Calibration
  • Liquid Flow Calibrations
  • Mass flow Calibrations
  • Mass Calibrations
  • Pressure Calibration
  • Temperature Calibration
  • Time & Frequency Calibrations
  • Torque Calibration

Various accuracies can be achieved and the list is not limited to the above, therefore please let us know of your specific requirements.

Typical equipment being calibrated to help support our product lines:

  • Calibration of Hygrometer, humidity meters and humidity loggers
  • Calibration of time pieces and stopwatches
  • Calibration of Thermometers, RTD (NTC, PTC), Thermo couples, Pyrometers, Thermal Imagers, transmitters and loggers
  • Calibration of Power Analysers, Power Quality Analyzers and Oscilloscopes
  • Calibration of Mass flow meters, liquid flow meters
  • Calibration of Multi meters, Clamp meters, RCD Meters, LCR Meters, Short Circuit loop measurement, Earth Resistances and Resistivity meters
  • Calibration of Torque wrenches,Torque Screwdrivers, Rotary Transducers
  • Calibration of  Insulation resistance,  Micro Ohmmeters, Turns Ratio Meters, SFRA, Tan Delta
  • and mane more…