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Cable Location And Fault Detection

  • Cable and Pipe Locator | LKZ-2000

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    Ingress protection IP65 labelBluetooth Enabled label

    Overview of Cable and Pipe Locator LKZ-2000

    Easily locate cables and pipes with pinpoint accuracy. The complexity of large underground utilities networks continually increase, therefor obtaining precise information on the location of specific buried cables and pipes has never been so important. To protect buried assets during ground excavation work and supporting the mapping and surveying of these existing utilities.

    Sonel LKZ-2000 system has a unique flexible operating modes to help you easily decide the right mode for your location application for the site conditions. The intelligent utility locator monitors the signal interference levels in all available modes and recommends which to use for the best results. Saving you time and giving you increased confidence in your results.

    Application for  Sonel LKZ-2000 - the best system for most challenging conditions!

    Sonel LKZ-2000 is designed to easily trace power cables over long and short distances with pinpoint accuracy, especially in areas with high levels of electrical interference. When used in conjunction with the supplied Multi Clamp a trace signal can be safely applied to an electrically live cable. The A-Frame accessory can also be used to easily locate cable sheath faults.

    The highly durable, weatherproof Sonel LKZ system has a flexible operating system to suit most site conditions and terrain, which is essential on complex and demanding civil engineering and construction sites.

    Damaging communication cables can be very costly and time consuming to repair, causing major disruption to the rail network. Sonel LKZ system is designed to easily locate and trace cables in congested areas and with high levels of electrical interference.

    Tracing and locating large bundled cables, such as fibre optic cables, can be difficult and time consuming. Sonel LKZ systems high frequency modes are ideally suited for these types odd cables, helping to improve your productivity and locating reliability of all cable types. The A-Frame accessory can be used to easily locate cable sheath faults.

    These can be the most potentially hazardous, costly or environmentally sensitive pipes to strike and therefore most important not to damage. Using the Sonel LKZ system’s range of low frequency modes, locating and tracing these pipes is easy over long distances, maintaining maximum accuracy.

    Locating and tracing pipes can support the mapping and surveying of utilities. Using the Sonel LKZ system with our dual frequency sonde is the ideal solution for locating deep underground non-metallic sewerage and drainage pipes, that can’t be detected using standard locating technology.


  • Time Domain Reflectometer TDR-420

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    Ingress protection IP67 labelTime Domain Reflectometer Overview

    TDR-420 is a hand held Time Domain Reflectometer designed to locate and identify faults in power, telecommunications and data cables.  Specifically made for, electrical wholesalers, cable dealers, electrical installation companies, maintenance personnel at manufacturing plants and  building personnel. This TDR-420 reflectometer allows you to measure the length of a cable as well as determine the distance to damage or impedance variation in conductors with metal wires in the range of 0.6 m -6000 m. With a measuring shortest range  selected at 7 meters and a dead zone of 0.6 meters allows to locate damages at a very close distance from the place where the device is connected.

     Time Domain Reflectometer Product features

    • Possibility damage-free location of impedance changes of tested cables and wires such as:
      • shorted conductor,
      • open conductor / end of cable – useful during the inventory of warehouses and stores,
      • splice,
      • splitter,
      • water ingress,
      • wet splice,
      • bridge tap
      • or other changes.
    • tight and durable housing with IP67 ingress protection degree.
    • Small size and weight.
    • Single measurement mode ONCE,
    • Continuously measurement mode CONT,
    • Tone signal generator TONE,
    • Two cursors to mark two places of damage along with an indication of the distance between them,
    • Built-in HELP function for easier interpretation of the reflectogram,
    • 11 available measuring ranges from 7 m to 6000 m,
    • dead zone” limited to 0.6 m,
    • Color 3,5” LCD TFT display with resolution 320 x 240 pixels,
    • manually set of sensitivity in 8 steps GAIN,
    • output impedance regulation up to 200 Ω (possibility of measuring pre-insulated pipes),
    • Velocity of Propagation set in range from 10% to 99%,


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    Wire and Pipe Locator – LKZ-720

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    Safety Rating Cat III at 600V labelIngress protection IP67 labelIngress protection IP40 labelFlashlight Label

    Overview of LKZ-720 Wire and Pipe Locator

    Detect and trace cables in ceilings, walls and floors with the LKO-720 specially designed 3D antenna for precise wire tracing and determine of direction of wires in concrete up to 5 cm becomes a breeze.

    Locating power points and switches in buildings pulse generated by a LKN-720 transmitter with a specific frequency allows to
    locate and identify sockets and switches in live or dead (no current) circuits.

    Identify fuses on the distribution board with a precise sensor and additional contact and non-contact probes, identifying  breakers and fuses will be easily and save time.

    Possibility to trace in insulated conductors with C-8 clamp (purchased separately) used in the current mode or other mode forcing
    current, allows to uniquely identify wire or cable from a current signal.

    Non-contact detection of live cables allows to precisely detect energised wires in air and concrete without
    additional probes.

    Functionsand features of LKX-720 Detection of wires and cables (live or not)

    • detect cables in ceilings, walls and floors,
    • detect breaks in cables,
    • trace cables in building installation,
    • locate power points and switches in buildings,
    • locate short circuits between leads,
    • trace shielded cables,
    • trace cables in metal ducts.
    • Identification of fuses on the distribution board.
    • Trace underground cables.
    • Trace conductive water and heating pipelines.
    • Non-contact detection of live cables.
    • the function 3D in the receiver - detecting the direction of current flow and accurate locating the object,
    • phase detection mode,
    • receiver operation with four transmitters at the same time to locate interruptions or distinguish wires,
    • a LED bright torch,
    • headphone socket in receiver,
    • screens backlit for work in dark,
    • transmission battery status and settings of the transmitter to the receiver
    • operation in wide range of rated voltage, up to 500V RMS,
    •  measurement of voltage at the object to 500 Vrms,
    • three levels of transmitter amplification,
    • automatic or manual selection of transmitter operation modes,
    • five modes of wire tracer operation - voltage, current, current-voltage, power and clamp,
    • software upgrade via USB,
    • additional accessories enable precise localisation - such as contact or non-contact probes and measurement clamp.
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    Time Domain Reflectometer -TDR-410

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    Time Domain Reflectometer Overview

    TDR-410 time-domain reflectometers are designed to detect  location of faults in metal wires. These products are designed for electrical wholesalers, cable dealers, electrical installation companies, maintenance personnel at manufacturing plants and building personnel.

    SONEL reflectometers are known for their long range, up to 4,000 m for the TDR-410, very low margin of 1% error in measurement with the ability to adjust both the velocity of propagation and the impedance of the cable which is under investigation. By using two cursors there should be no problem with determining both the distance to two faults and the
    distance between them.

    Cable fault location Includes:

    • Location damaged power cables.
    • Fault location copper telecom cables.
    • Coaxial cable fault location.
    • Fault location wiring infrastructure.
    • Detection of breaks, short circuits, damage caused by dampness and other changes in impedance of the cable.
    • Graphic depiction of damage the cable with automatic indication the distance to fault on the screen.

    Time Domain Reflectometer Features:

    • automatic or manual mode:
      • the automatic fault location (AFL),
      • manual range selection and sensitivity,
      • scan continuous or single measurement triggered manually
    • ranges from 7 m to 4000 m selected in manual mode or matched automatically,
    • "Dead zone" measure limited to 0.5 m,
    • Backlit 2.5 "LCD screen
    • scan automatically or manually trigger,
    •  manually or automatically adjusted sensitivity,
    • impedance matching,
    • propagation coefficient adjustment 1% to 99%,
    • water resistant housing.
    • small size and weight.
    • Extended battery life of 30 hours of continuously scan on one battery set.
  • LKZ-1500 Wire and pipe Locator

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    The LKZ-1500 set for underground utility localization, consisting
    of a transmitter and receiver, allows you to locate, identify and track the route of buried objects in the ground, such as:
    power and control cables, data and telecommunications cables,
    underground lighting and cathodic protection systems,
    water and sewage installations,
    fuel and transmission installations: gas and other pipelines,
    heating systems and preinsulated pipes.

    Recipients (customers) of LKZ-1500 include energy and installation companies, earthworks, construction, railways, telecommunications, fixtures, water and sanitary installations, district heating companies and geodetic offices.