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CO2 Transmitter

  • CF1 TRANSMITTERS CO2, Humidity and Temperature

    CO2 Transmitter with Temperature and Humidity – CF1

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    Compact Economical Humidity, Temperature and CO2 Transmitter

    The CF1 series is a reasonably-priced CO2 measurement transducers with integrated humidity and temperature measurement. The transducer can be adjusted and calibrated for the  humidity and CO2 ranges. Altering the scaling is a easy, with the Rotronic SW21/HW4 software. This unit is exceptional value for money with a stable  Hygromer® IN1 humidity sensor. Its elegant design fits in perfectly in offices, living-rooms, public buildings, etc.

    CO2 Transmitter Features
    • Outputs for CO2, relative humidity, and temperature
    • Adjustable at 35 %RH or 80 %RH
    • Humidity sensor Hygromer® IN-1
    • Scalable analogue voltage or current outputs
    • Single-relay output
    • Three programmable LEDs
    • Compact size
    • Compatible with HW4 software