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Weather Instruments

Weather Instruments that measure, log, and transmit weather-related information. Barometric pressure, precipitation, weather loggers, weather stations, wind direction, and wind speed sensors.

  • Weather Backpack

    Weather Backpack

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    Weather Backpack - Overview

    The Weather Backpack is a professional, automatic weather station (AWS) for temporary measurement campaigns. This portable station measures all relevant meteorological parameters.  The Weather Backpack is a high-precision weather station that provides important data in meteorological research quality. Its outstanding measurement quality, reliability and durability will meet the highest demands in science and governmental environmental applications. The station can be easily stowed in its carrying case and quickly transported from one location to another. Since the station is mobile, even large areas can be covered. This all-in-one station is ideal for all critical applications.

    Weather Backpack - Applications

    • Tracking of industrial emissions
    • Disaster control
    • Test tracks and test sites for vehicles
    • Sporting events
    • Wind warning for event security
    • Diagnostics in building physics
    • Research and science
    • Environmental Agencies
  • Complete Precipitation Measurement System-rain(e)observer

    Complete Precipitation Measurement System | rain(e)observer

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    Complete Precipitation Measurement System  - Overview

    Each individual type of precipitation - rain, freezing rain, snow or hail - presents unique measurement challenges. The rain(e) complete real-time system facilitates measurement and data collection while ensuring the fastest possible response to flood events or road condition reports. The measuring of precipitation for water management and public safety is a complex, crucial task. The rain(e) series is a new type of low-maintenance, weighing precipitation sensor. It offers the highest resolution combined with a compact design. This continuously self-emptying collection system enables the measurement of each individual drop with a high resolution of 0.001 mm/m².  It is compatible with a wide range of data loggers and ideal for setting up measurement networks.  At 2.5kg, it is easy to lift, transport, install and maintain. The rain(e) is up to 50% cheaper than other weighing precipitation sensors and has the same or even better functionality. It is available with an efficient heating system which has minimal current consumption. It does not need antifreeze which makes it particularly environmentally friendly. The system also prevents the accumulation of water and insects and therefore incorrect measurements.

    Suitable for:

    • Precipitation measurement networks
    • Measuring networks in the water industry
    • Weather services
    • Early flood warning
    • Traffic meteorology
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • General meteorology and hydrology

    Complete Precipitation Measurement System  - Features

    • Fast, secure, easy to install
    • Virtually maintenance-free
    • Reliable
    • Detection of precipitation types with radar technology
    • Universally compatible with data loggers and data acquisition systems
    • Monitors emerging disasters to accelerate your response
    • WMO compliant
    • Wide range of interfaces
    • Fully automatic continuous emptying prevents overflow and incorrect measurements
    • Environmentally friendly
    • DAkkS proof of non-impact of the measurement sensor by wind and solar radiation

  • Profile image of 24513 combined wind sensor

    Combined Naval Wind sensor 24513

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    Suitable for Naval use NMEA DAta Protocol label Seawater resistant Aluminium Metal parts label

    Wind sensor 24513 Combined naval wind sensor Overview

    Mechanical abrasion reduced to a minimum, paired with robust mechanics.  Measured wind values serially every second as a NMEA protocol. Work under extreme weather conditions at sea, as well as on land, this quality sensor is a great choice!

    Wind Sensor Applications:

    • professional marine meteorology
    • coastal surveillance
    • off shore wind power plants
    • drilling platforms
    • buoys
    • aggressive environmental conditions

    Naval Wind Sensor Features:

    • seawater resistant housing
    • IP 65
    • low starting values
    • high measuring accuracy and linearity across the whole measuring range
    • NMEA 0183
    • high quality and durable construction
  • Profile image of 14516 WENTO-IND Combined weather sensor

    Combined wind sensor 14516 WENTO-MET

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    Seawater resistant NMEA Data Protocol label Aluminium Vane aluminium Cups

    Combined Wind Speed And Direction Sensors

    Extreme Weather Conditions are no problem at all for this extremely robustly designed wind speed and wind direction sensor!  Special alloy and double high-performance bearings provide supreme resilience and long service life. The high-quality construction with integrated, electronically controlled heating allows for reliable wind measurement even under extreme weather conditions.

    Combined Wind Sensor Features

    • Simple and rapid pipe mounting, connection with only one cable
    • Broad measuring range
    • Serial interface for direct connection to PC technology
    • Contactless data acquisition
  • Profile image of Serlog 95770 weather Logger

    Lambrecht 95770 Ser[LOG]Plus Meteorological Data Logger

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    Versatile label analogue to digital conversion label robust equipment label RS485 Input label data logger label Ethernet Network ready labelRS485 output labelAluminium Metal parts label

    Versatile Meteorological Data Logger 95770 Overview

    Outstanding versatility and performance for professional meteorological data acquisition. Ser[LOG]Plus is more than just a data logger: Due to its versatility by configuration and scaling you can adjust Ser[LOG]Plus to the specific challenges of your daily measurement tasks.

    Ser[LOG]Plus is multi functional and grows with its requirements: The data logger can be expanded to a total of 3 measuring modules and processes up to 60 parameters. Ser[LOG]Plus is particularly communicative: up to 30 data transmissions at the same time are possible.

    Ser[LOG]Plus Meteorological Data Logger Features

    • formulary and free formula parser
    • integrated alarm system for 10 alarm outputs via built-in and external relays, email, SMS
    • various possibilities of information exchange
    • EMI resistant by shielded aluminium housing
    • extensive sensor library, freely configurable and scalable by user
    • user-friendly with free access to all connections and controls
  • Lambrecht Static Wind Sensor PREOS 16440

    Lambrecht Static Wind Sensor PREOS 16440

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    NMEA DAta Protocol label Aluminium Metal parts label No moving parts analogue output label

    Lambrecht Static Wind Sensor - Overview

    The static hotwire air flow meter, also known as a Thermal Anemometer, is specially designed for extreme environmental conditions including very cold climates. With no movable elements, it can withstand winds of up to  0...100 m/s and measure wind speeds of up to 65 m/s. The extremely robust and compact sensor has a high-quality, pollutant-resistant housing made of anodised aluminium.

    Lambrecht Static Wind Sensor - Features

    • no movable measuring elements
    • measures wind direction and wind speed
    • standard RS 422 interface with ESD protection
    • ASCII data protocol according to NMEA 0183
    • simple, space-saving assembly
    • analogue output 4...20 mA for wind speed and wind direction
    • power supply 18...32 VDC with integrated overvoltage protection
    • integrated sensor head heating and heating ring in the base to prevent a build-up of ice and snow at the sensor


  • Profile imageof metLOG meteorological data logger 95800

    met[LOG] 95800 Weather Data Logger

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    RS485 Input label Low Power consumption label Ethernet Network ready label data logger label

    Overview of Weather Data Logger:

    The met[LOG] data logger is an alone standing system together with its software met[app] quickly and easily transfer your climate data into your network (Ethernet LAN) in your local browser. The met[LOG]  auto-configures via plug & play for the uncomplicated commissioning of the serial LAMBRECHT meteo sensors.

    The Integrated web server in the met[LOG] for easy visualisation, platform-independence on a browser of the current climate data in your network. Platform-independent on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

    • displays the instantaneous values of your LAMBRECHT meteo station
    • exports the measured values stored by the met[LOG]
    • configures the met[LOG]

    Weather Data Logger Features  met[LOG] :

    • real-time access to measured data via an integrated webserver
    • visualised data in any browser
    • calculates trends and patterns
    • automatically performs corrections based on altitude and air pressure
    • issues a warning or raises an alarm thanks to its digital outputs
    • plug & play
    • auto-configuration by push of a button allows full working capability within seconds
    • various combinations are possible: 7 interfaces allow connection of 4 analogue and 3 serial sensors


  • Profile image of 14577 Industry Velocity meter

    Modbus Wind Speed Sensor 14577 INDUSTRY

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    Synthetic cup Rotor label Heated equipment labelSynthetic Vane label Modbus RTU protocolSeawater resistant

    Economical Modbus RTU Wind speed sensor...

    This wind speed sensor is of a special nature and very economical in acquisition. These sensors impress with simple mounting methods, high accuracy and ultimately robust, seawater-proof materials. The Modbus RTU interface simplifies sensor installation and integration into networks.

    Modbus Winds peed Sensor Features

    • Reliable
    • Precise
    • large operating temperature range
    • simple mast mounting
    • very good starting values through magnetic, contactless measuring principle
  • Profile image of 15189 Rain weighing precipitation Sensor

    Precipitation Sensors 15189 according to Joss-Tognini

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    4 cubic cm bucket volume 2 cubic cm bucket volume dual circuit Heating elements precipitation amount analogue output labelAluminium Metal parts label

    Joss-Tognini Rain sensor overview.

    Is equipped with the features and advantages of the proven forerunners, the weighing sensor (15189) is the “class winner”! Its functionality meets exactly the demands of classical meteorology and hydrology, as well as semi-professional industrial meteorology. The sensor (15189) and its varieties are a very efficient and economical lifelong investment! Optional Digital or analogue output signal substantially simplifies the connection to PLC. ensity adjusted measurement of precipitation with serial measurand output via RS485. Winter-fit models a made from durable weatherproof materials.

    Rain precipitation Sensor according to Joss-Tognini

    • best price-performance ratio in its class!
    • single device or part of an automatic weather station
    • very reliable, weighing measuring system
    • high-quality materials
    • easy installation
    • Optional SDI-12 protocol (at RS485) for universal use  interface RS 485
    • LBP protocol (Lambrecht Bus Protocol)  interface RS 485
    • analogue output with selectable measuring range
    • connectable to Lambrecht's data logger met[LOG], Ser[LOG], PreLOG, TROPOS und SYNMET
  • Profile image of 14524 Pro WEA Velocity meter

    PRO-WEA Wind speed sensor 14524 | 4-20mA Output

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    Metal parts robust equipment labelSeawater resistant wind power generation label IP 65 Protection label

    Heated equipment labelaluminium Cups

    Ultra Robust and Storm Proof  Wind Speed Sensor Overview

    Design is aerodynamically optimised and both housing and measuring elements are made of seawater resistant aluminium. Further advantages include the integrated, controlled heating and the optionally available cable with high UV-resistance. With the reinforced measuring elements! With improved protection against electrostatic discharge due to their spe­cial surface, these high-tech sensors are perfectly suitable for use in all regions that are at risk from lightning and storms

    Pro Wea wind sensor features

    • reinforced measuring elements and stronger axis
    • high vibration resistance
    • RF model with improved protection against electrostatic discharge
    • high measuring range of 60 m/s
    • low starting values
    • very high resolution of measur­ing values
  • Profile image of 15184 rain[e]H3 Weighing Rain Gauge

    Rain Gauge rain[e]H3 15184 Weighing Precipitation Sensor

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    Overview of Weighing Precipitation Sensor Protected against freezing.

    Due to the innovative weighing technology combined with a self-emptying collection vessel the rain[e] sets new standards in professional precipitation measurement. Its outstanding resolution and accuracy are approved all over the world. The rain[e]H3 with electrically regulated ring heating is designed for extreme cold climates. Integrated outside temperature sensor, real-time clock, electronic monitoring when opening the housing and remote servicing are features of continuous development. With optional port server and web interface, the rain[e]H3 is well equipped for all communicative demands in future.

    Weighing Precipitation Sensor

    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Integrated temperature sensor
    • Electronically controlled ring-, funnel- and drain-line heating
    • Outstanding resolution and accuracy
    • All-metal housing, weatherproof and long-living
  • 5 Parameter Static Weather Sensor EOLOS-IND 16430

    5 Parameter Static Weather Sensor | EOLOS-IND 16430

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    No moving partsHumidity and Temperature sensor. NMEA DAta Protocol labelAir pressureCombined wind sensor

    5 Parameter Static Weather Sensor - Overview

    This static weather sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications under harsh environmental conditions. The compact construction of the static measuring system and the space-saving, robust housing make the sensor extremely reliable and durable. High precision inte­grated sensors in the weather module. Measures two wind parameters, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and dew point.

    5 Parameter Static Weather Sensor - Features

    • No moving measuring elements
    • 5 weather parameters measurable
    • Measures very high wind velocities up to 85 m/s
    • Lamella shelter for accurate mea­surements of the temperature-humidity sensor
    • Optionally heatable
    • Easy installation
    • Easy to maintain


  • Profile image of EOLOS MET TH 164304 weather station

    Static wind sensor com[b] 16441

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    NMEA DAta Protocol label No moving parts Heated equipment label Aluminium Metal parts labelModbus RTU protocol analogue output label


    Measure wind direction and wind speed. With various output options including: Current, NMEA 0183, WIMWV or Modbus RTU,  simplifies sensor installation and integration into networks. com[b] has no moving parts. Its spectacular survival velocity of more than 100 m/s makes it unbreakable for wind influences. Precious materials like aluminium and zinc oxide and the optimised thermo-dynamic measuring principle stand for highest quality.

    Static wind speed and direction sensor features

    • without moving measuring elements
    • Spectacular survival velocity of more than 100 m/s makes it unbreakable for wind influences.
    • 2 parameters measurable
    • survival velocity of more than 100 m/s
    • the space-saving, easy installation reduces costs and makes it flexible in use, e.g. on cranes and vehicles.
    • interfaces on board: analogue, Modbus and serial.
    • Ready-to-go in bitter coldness, measuring data even in challenging climatic conditions of up to -40°C.
    • Easy and mobile. The space-saving, easy installation reduces costs
  • Profile image of u[sonic] Ultrasonic wind sensor

    Ultrasonic Wind Velocity Sensor u[sonic]

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    No moving parts Seawater resistant Aluminium Metal parts label Modbus RTU protocol NMEA Data Protocol label

    Ultrasonic Wind Velocity Sensor Overview

    For wind direction and wind speed. The seawater-proof sensor is optimally and ideal for cold climate locations. The device is connected via an 8 pin screw connector. depending on the version, the measured values can be output via various interfaces.  Optional Modbus RTU interface simplifies sensor installation and integration into networks.

    Ultrasonic Wind Velocity Sensor Features

    • no moving measuring elements
    • 2 parameters measurable
    • intelligent heating, depending on wind speed and direction
    • easy assembly, very easy to service


  • Profile image of Serlog 95770 weather Logger

    Weather Data Acquisition ser[LOG] Lambrecht 95770

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    robust equipment label analogue to digital conversion label data logger label Ethernet Network ready labelVersatile label

    Overview Weather Data Acquisition Module

    The Ser [LOG] system family gives you the greatest freedom for configuring your customized measuring station. Expandability thanks to the modular design, Ser [LOG] can be expanded to a total of 3 analogue/digital measurement modules AnDiMod. Which allows for additional 36 analogue channels and 11 digital channels.

    High flexibility thanks to a multitude of configuration options thanks to state-of-the-art communication interfaces. Numerous state-of-the-art communication channels are available (Bluetooth, GSM, FTP, e-mail, SMS, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-TCP, SDI-12 etc.). The configuration is easily done with the app "Ser[LOG] Commander".

    Weather Data Acquisition Features

    • Expandable due to modular design
    • High flexibility due to a multitude of configuration options
    • Extensive sensor library
    • Formula collection and free formula parser
    • Alarm system for 10 warning channels via built-in and external relays, email, SMS
    • Interference-resistant due to shielded aluminium housing
    • User-friendly with free access to all connections and controls