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Weather Stations

Reliable Weather Stations for various applications. Prebuilt options include Wind, Humidity, Precipitation, Pressure, Temperatures & Irradiance measurements.

  • Weather Backpack

    Weather Backpack

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    Weather Backpack - Overview

    The Weather Backpack is a professional, automatic weather station (AWS) for temporary measurement campaigns. This portable station measures all relevant meteorological parameters.  The Weather Backpack is a high-precision weather station that provides important data in meteorological research quality. Its outstanding measurement quality, reliability and durability will meet the highest demands in science and governmental environmental applications. The station can be easily stowed in its carrying case and quickly transported from one location to another. Since the station is mobile, even large areas can be covered. This all-in-one station is ideal for all critical applications.

    Weather Backpack - Applications

    • Tracking of industrial emissions
    • Disaster control
    • Test tracks and test sites for vehicles
    • Sporting events
    • Wind warning for event security
    • Diagnostics in building physics
    • Research and science
    • Environmental Agencies
  • 5 Parameter Static Weather Sensor EOLOS-IND 16430

    5 Parameter Static Weather Sensor | EOLOS-IND 16430

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    No moving partsHumidity and Temperature sensor. NMEA DAta Protocol labelAir pressureCombined wind sensor

    5 Parameter Static Weather Sensor - Overview

    This static weather sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications under harsh environmental conditions. The compact construction of the static measuring system and the space-saving, robust housing make the sensor extremely reliable and durable. High precision inte­grated sensors in the weather module. Measures two wind parameters, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, and dew point.

    5 Parameter Static Weather Sensor - Features

    • No moving measuring elements
    • 5 weather parameters measurable
    • Measures very high wind velocities up to 85 m/s
    • Lamella shelter for accurate mea­surements of the temperature-humidity sensor
    • Optionally heatable
    • Easy installation
    • Easy to maintain


  • Weather Sensor Offshore Weather Sensor EOLOS-Nav2 16432 EOLOS-Nav2 16432

    Offshore Weather Sensor | EOLOS-Nav2 16432

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    NMEA DAta Protocol label Air pressure Humidity and Temperature sensor. Combined wind sensor No moving parts Suitable for Naval use

    Offshore Weather Sensor - Overview

    Specialised for offshore operation this static weather sensor EOLOS-NAV2 is compact with a special anodised coating. This makes it extremely resistant to seawater. There are no moving parts ensuring durability and reliability. Ideal for extreme, aggressive environments. Measuring wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, humidity, air pressure and dew point temperature. Suitable on board of all types of ships (ship meteorology), coastal surveillance, off shore wind turbines, industrial and port facilities as well as drilling rigs.

    Offshore Weather Sensor- Features

    • Includes independent, integrated sensors for high accuracy for each parameter
    • Measures very high wind velocities up to 85 m/s
    • Easy to maintain
    • No moving parts
    • Integrated heating system for non-icing operation all year round