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  • Profile image of wind sensor 14516 WENTO-IND Combined weather sensor

    Combined Industrial Weather Sensor WENTO-IND

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    Digital output Metal cup rotor Metal vane

    Weather Sensor unique All-Rounder...

    is the new generation of a professional, particularly compact weather station for universal application! Measurement of 6 meteorological parameters and the precipitation quantity (optional), and that at an optimum price-performance ratio. The wind sensors and the integrated weather module have a very robust design. High-quality special alloys make this weather station environmentally resistant and extremely stress-resistant. Reliable measurement of meteorological parameters is ensured even under extreme weather conditions.

    Industrial Weather Sensor WENTO-IND Features

    • measures 6 parameters:  wind Speed and direction, air temperature, rel. humidity, air pressure, dew point, optional precipitation
    • extremely robust and compact
    • reliable year-round operation in all climate zones
    • simple and rapid mounting
    • serial interface for direct connection to PC technology
  • Profile image of EOLOS IND 16430 Static wind sensor

    Static Weather Sensor 5 Parameters EOLOS IND 16430

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    No moving partsHumidity and Temperature sensor. NMEA DAta Protocol labelAir pressureCombined wind sensor


    For a wide range of applications, especially for use under harsh environmental conditions.The compact construction of the static measuring system and the space-saving, robust housing make the sensor extremely reliable and durable. High precision inte­grated sensors in the weather module.

    Weather sensor features

    • No moving measuring elements
    • 5 weather parameters measurable: 2 wind parameters, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, plus dew point!
    • very high wind velocities up to 85 m/s measurable!
    • lamella shelter for accurate mea­surements of the temperature-humidity sensor
    • optional heatable
    • easy installation
    • easy to maintain


  • Profile image of EOLOS Nav 16432 weather station

    Weather Sensor EOLOS Nav2 16432 measuring 5 parameters

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    NMEA DAta Protocol label Air pressure Humidity and Temperature sensor. Combined wind sensor No moving parts Suitable for Naval use

    Perfect Solid State offshore Weather Sensor

    Specialized for offshore operation this static weather sensor EOLOS-NAV2 is compact, with special anodized coating, as well as the protective paint finish make it extremely resistant to seawater. The no moving parts makes it durable and reliable ideal for extreme, aggressive environments.

    Weather sensor Features

    • with independent, integrated sensors for high accuracies for each individual parameter
    • very high wind velocities up to 85 m/s measurable!
    • very easy to maintain
    • no moving parts
    • integrated heating system for non-icing operation all year round