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Relative Humidity

  • Digital Hygrometer Temperature and Humidity Display | PH1000


    Thermo Hygrometer Overview

    The Thermo-Hygrometer model PH1000 feature large, easy to read dual display. With humidity over the range of 10 to 99 relative humidity and temperature range from -50 to +70°C at a resolution of 0.1°C. It also incorporates a 12/24 hour clock. Instrument is housed in a white ABS case which had a foldaway stand and keyhole slot for wall hanging.

    Digital Thermo-Hygrometer Display Features

    • Range -50 to + 70°C
    • Max Min Memory
    • Foldaway stand and keyhole slot for wall
    • 0.1°C/°F resolution
    • Powered 1x 1.5V AAA
    • Range: -50 to +70°C
    • Range: 10 - 99 rH
  • GTS- Humidity & Temperature Measuring device for paper

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    Humidity & Temperature Measuring device for paper GTS

    The GTS is a tried-and-tested instrument for measurement of equilibrium relative humidity and temperature in stacks of paper and cardboard. The GTS instrument is designed for the measurement of paper stacks with a robust aluminium sword probe, but may also be used for the measurement of the ambient Temperature and Humidity. The humidity is measured with a capacitive ROTRONIC HYGROMER AC-1 sensor. The capacity of the sensor changes with the relative humidity. These changes are detected, amplified and displayed using advanced electronics. For the temperature measurement, a Pt100 sensor is used. The

    Applications: Humidity measurement in stacks of paper, cardboard and textiles for paper and textile technicians and printers

    GTS Paper humidity measurement features: 

    • Robust aluminium sword probe
    • Range of application: 10...60 °C / 0…100 %rh
    • Accuracy at  23°C ±5 K: 1.5 %rh, 0.3 K
    • Measurement range: 0…50 °C / 5…99.9 %rh
    • Adjusted at 23 °C and 35, 80 %rh
    • Adjusted by potentiometer
    • Display 3-digit LCD
    • Temperature sensor Pt100
  • Humidity Data Logger – HygroLog – HL-1D


    Economical Humidity Data Logger

    The HL1D is a compact, low cost humidity data logger. Capable of ±3.0 %RH and ±0.3°C measurement accuracy. Memory can store up to 32,000 data points. HW4-Lite software key included in the purchase (software downloaded from internet).

    Humidity Data Logger Features

    • Accurate humidity and temperature measurement±3.0 %RH and ±0.3 °C
    • Compact design with a high IP67 protection
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP 5 conform software HW4
    • Large storage capacity: 32,000 lines
    • Programmable start and stop time for data logger with the HW4 software
    • Long battery life (up to 3 years)
    • MIN/MAX/AVG Humidity and temperature statistical function
    • Includes HW4-lite software key for programmable and analytical software
    • Clear LCD with visual alerts
  • Angle View HF1 Space Mount with LED Back Lit Display Humidity and Temperature transmitter Sale!

    Room Temperature and Humidity Transmitter – Hygroflex1


    Economical Room Temperature and Humidity Transmitter HF1

    The HygroFlex 1 series is an inexpensive HVAC transmitters for relative humidity and temperature. The Room transmitter are equipped with the stable Hygromer® IN-1 sensor, aesthetically pleasing ideal for the office space. The units comes pre-defined scale which can be change with the optional ROTRONIC HW4/SW21 software, which can also calibrate and adjust the transmitter.

    Room Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Features

    • Transducer for relative humidity and temperature
    • Two scalable analogue voltage or current outputs
    • Stable Hygromer® IN-1 humidity sensor
    • Adjustable at 35 % / 80 %RH
    • USB service interface
    • Small footprint
    • Easy mechanical installation
  • Whirling Hygrometer also known as Sling Psychrometer Wet and Dry Bulb Thermometers


    Whirling Hygrometer (also known as Sling Psychrometer) - wet and dry bulb.

    The whirling hygrometer also known as a  sling psychrometer is made out of two thermometers mounted on a frame which rotates around a handle, so it can be whirled in the air by hand.

    One thermometer is covered with a tight-fitting muslin sock which is kept wet by preferably with distilled water. This type of thermometer is known as the wet-bulb thermometer. The other is the dry-bulb thermometer and exposed to the atmosphere directly.

    Whirling Hygrometer (sling Psychrometer)
    • Made in accordance with BS2842.
    • Housed in a yellow plastic case with folding Handle.
    • Available in Red Spirit.
    • Supplied with Hygrometric tables, spare wick and instructions
    • No electronics and therefor great for us in mines.
    How does a Whirling Hygrometer work?

    The psychrometer is whirled to let air past the bulbs which in turn makes water evaporate from the muslin cloth, This in turn cools down the wet bulb temperature. The amount of cooling that occurs dependant on the amount of relative humidity.  With high relative humidity the wet bulb will cool less than in dryer air where the water in the muslin will evaporate faster. The dry bulb indicates the temperature of the air. The wet bulb helps determine the relative humidity.

    With air less than 100 per cent relative humidity, the wet bulb will display a lower temperature than the dry bulb and is known as wet-bulb depression. A special chart is used to convert the wet-bulb depression to relative humidity or the relative humidity can be determined by correlating the readings with those on a simple slide rule, which is supplied with each instrument.

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  • HP32 Humidity and Temperature Handheld


    Temperature & Humidity Handheld HP32

    HygroPalm HP32 is a versatile handheld instruments compatible with all HC2A and HC2 Rotronic probes, it is able to perform spot measurements and logging of relative humidity, temperature and other psychrometric parameters.

    HP32 Temperature and Humidity Handheld Features: 

    • Temperature, Relative humidity & other psychrometric calculations
    • Programmable interval logging with 64 000 data points memory for time
    • Graphical display for graphs and up to 4 values
    • Visual and audible alarms on every value programmable
    • Long lasting battery (up to 48h when logging every 30s)

    *Probe sold separately. Compatible with the HC2a-S Probe


  • CRP1 Clean Room Panel Humidity and Temperature

    CRP1 Clean Room Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

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    Clean Room Transmitter for Humidity and Temperature -CRP1

    The CRP1 Clean-room Panel has a compact construction and simple installation on the wall of a clean-room, using wall-mounted housing. Utilising the Hygro Clip 2 sensors allows humidity to be registered to the highest degree of accuracy. The data can be transferred via analogue outputs or MODBUS. Measured values, alarms and measurement curves are shown on the display.

    The Clean Room Panel CRP1 is the obvious choice wherever  a high degree of cleanliness must be maintained and a precise measurement of humidity and temperature is required. Ideal for clean rooms in hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, electronics or food industries where humidity and temperature are monitored.

    Clean Room Humidity and Temperature Features

    • FDA- and GAMP-compatible
    • Stainless steel front panel highly resistant to chemicals
    • Designed specifically for clean rooms
    • Parameters humidity and temperature measured
    • Works with the HygroClip2 series Accurate humidity probes
    • Digital communication via MODBUS RTU / HW4
    • Analogue output signals freely configurable 4-20 mA or 0-10V
    • Alarm output acoustic, or via relay or LCD display
    • Optional 2 Relays Max (30 VDC at 2 A or 50 VAC at 0.5 A)
  • Handheld Air Velocity, Humidity and Temperature Meter AFP1


    The intelligent AFP1 multi-parameter measuring instrument is ideal for spot measurements in HVAC systems. Thanks to easy operation via a smartphone, it is possible not only to take random measurements, but also to record, export and display data as wanted.

    Operation with “ROTRONIC” App
    The AFP1 sensor is operated via Bluetooth communication with the ROTRONIC smartphone app, which can be obtained free-of charge from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
    The app offers functions to display, log and send the required measured values by e-mail. It is also possible, among others, to define parameter-specific settings and options for the measurement.


    • Intelligent multi-parameter measuring instrument for air velocity, humidity and temperature
    • Small vane anemometer for in-tube measurements
    • Telescopic rod extends to 1.2 meter
    • Smartphone connection via Bluetooth®
    • Easy data logging via iOS or Android app
    • Direct volume flow calculation
    • Numeric or graphic display
    • Simple data export for evaluation on a PC

    Delivery package

    • Factory certificate
    • Short instruction manual
    • APP (online)
    • Batteries 2 x 3 V (CR2032)
    • Soft case
  • HF1 Duct Mount Humidity and Temperature transmitter Angle View

    HVAC Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Duct Mount – Hygroflex1


    Economical Duct Mount HVAC Temperature and Humidity Transmitter HF1

    The HygroFlex 1 series is an inexpensive HVAC transmitters for relative humidity and temperature. The Duct mount transmitter are equipped with the stable Hygromer® IN-1 sensor and boast unbeatable value for money. The units comes pre-configured to a specific scale which can be change with the optional ROTRONIC HW4/SW21 software, which can also calibrate and adjust the transmitter.

    HVAC Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Features

    • Transducer for relative humidity and temperature
    • Two scalable analogue voltage or current outputs
    • Stable Hygromer® IN-1 humidity sensor
    • Adjustable at 35 % / 80 %RH
    • USB service interface
    • Small footprint
    • Easy mechanical installation
  • HygroFen HG2-S – Humidity Generator

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    Portable humidity and temperature generator to calibrate humidity and temperature measuring instruments (multi-point calibration)

    The new HygroGen2 is a portable generator for calibration of humidity and temperature measuring instruments. The device sets a new standard in portable calibration. The HygroGen2 works like a "mobile calibration laboratory" and is intended for companies that regularly need to calibrate a large number of probes. The calibrator allows simply, flexible calibration with the advantage that the calibrated units can be integrated in the operative processes again quickly. The HygroGen offers numerous outstanding benefits particularly to the pharmaceutical industry.

    • Generates a stable reference environment Range of application: 0…60 °C, accuracy: ±0.05 K
    • Reaches equilibrium humidity in typically 5 minutes
    • Suitable for all humidity and temperature probes
    • Calibrates up to 5 probes simultaneously
    • Easy-to-use trouchscreen monitor
    • DVI interface for external monitor
    • USB interface for connection of keyboard, mouse and ROTRONIC USB probes
    • The integrated HW4 software ensures easy calibration and adjustment of all probes.
    • External heated connections for a dew point mirror reference are standard. This allows the user to adjust the reference probes with extremely high precision or to reduce the total calibration uncertainty.
    • The water quality is kept at a high level by a UV sterilizer, meaning algae and bacteria cannot form.

    Optional FEATURES

    Automated calibration of up to 6 HC2 probes connected via AC3001 USB adaptor:
    - Option to automatically adjust 1 temperature and 10 humidity points
    - Creates PDF calibration certificate for each probe under test
    - 20 user programs (up to 200 set points per program)

    Range Extension
    - Temperature range extension -5...60 °C (Standard 0...60 °C)
    - Humidity range extension 2...99 %RH (Standard 5...95 %RH)

    NEW: AutoCal+ / Dew Point Mirror MBW 473
    New HygroGen2 software version 2.1 further extends the utility of the instrument, with the ability to use MBW chilled mirror hygrometers as the AutoCal calibration reference.
    Rotronic has worked with MBW - the world’s leading chilled mirror manufacturer - to integrate their products with the HygroGen2. Particularly well suited is the MBW 473 Dew Point Mirror, whose RP2 measuring head is designed to be directly inserted into the working volume of the HygroGen2, and works across its full range (Not part of the setup. To be purchased separately).

    NEW: Remote Control
    Remote Control allows a larger screen interface to be used via another device, and is cross platform, allowing access from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

  • CO2 Display

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    This CO2 display is the latest development that simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature and can be wall-mounted or sit on a bench-top. Configurable directly via buttons and stored data can be exported to a USB memory stick for analysis with the free ROTRONIC software package SW21. This instrument offers unbeatable value for money, equipped with a stable ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor.

    Indoor Air Quality for: Open-Plan Offices, Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, Shopping Centers, Fitness Studios...


    • Adjustable, visual CO2 indicator
    • Measures and records CO2, relative humidity and temperature
    • Accuracy ±2.5 %RH / ±0.3 K / ±30 ppm + 5% of measured value
    • Humidity sensor HYGROMER® IN-1
    • 18,000 data point memory for CO2, humidity and temperature values
    • Display of date and time
    • Large, easy-to-read display
    • USB access for data download
  • Accurate Temperature and Humidity Data Logger – Hygrolog HL-20


    Accurate Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

    The Accurate data logger for humidity and temperature measurement offers high precision and reliability at a reasonable price. The HL-20 series is easy to use and deployable in a wide range of applications. Thanks to its integrated batteries, the HL-20 works completely independently and offers its users maximum flexibility.

    Humidity Data Logger Features

    • Highest accuracy at 0.8 %RH and 0.2 ˚C
    • Outstanding long term stability
    • 20,000 data point memory with date & time stamps
    • Programmable alarm limits
    • Programmable recording intervals
    • Psychrometric calculations of dew and frost point values available
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP 4 compliant
    • Long battery life
  • Hygropalm – HP22-A – Versatile Handheld

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    This Product is now obsolete please click on link for the new replacement!!!

    The HP22 is a versatile hand-held indicator that displays relative humidity, temperature and a variety of calculated parameters such as dew or frost point based on the measurements of a HygroClip2 plug-in probe.

    Probe selection is based on the application. Depending on the HygroClip2 probe model, the measuring range is within 0 to 100 %RH and -100 to 200°C (-148 to 392°F). The HygroClip2 probes feature durable sensors and consistent performance. All HygroClip2 probes can be hot-swapped to facilitate routine calibrations.

    The HP22 indicator offers extensive settings and functions that can be enabled and configured by the user either directly from the keypad or with the ROTRONIC HW4 software.

    Mobile inspection and random tests in HVAC, the pharmaceutical industry and building management systems

    • Combinable with all ROTRONIC HC2 probes
    • Range of application: -10…60 °C / 0…100 %rh
    • All psychrometric calculations
    • Adjusted at 23 °C and 10, 35, 80 %rh
    • Service interface (UART)


    • Food
    • HVAC
    • Meteorological
    • Paper
    • Pharmaceutical
  • RMS Data logger, external probe, LAN or 868


    Temperature and Humidity Data Logging Transmitter via Monitoring system on the Cloud or direct to your network server.

    The data logger captures data from a probe and transmits it to a database in the ROTRONIC Monitoring System. It guarantees absolute data protection, even if power supply and communications should temporarily break down. As it stores 44,000 pairs of measured values from the exchangeable HygroClip probe, and transmits them to the RMS database via LAN.

    Humidity Data Logger Features

    • LAN Interface plug directly into a router with internet connection.
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP5 compliant
    • Measures and Stores 44,000 pairs values
    • Fail-safe, thanks to internal battery
    • 3 years battery lifetime
    • Compatible with RMS Gateway, RMS server software and RMS Cloud

    Requires: interchangeable HygroClip probe and a cloud software account with Rotronic or the purchased software on you own server.

  • Standard Temperature & Humidity probe for RMS, Data logger, black

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    Temperature and Humidity Probe for Remote Monitoring

    The HCD-S digital probe is characterised by its high performance with a new AirChip4000 chip, which together with the new HYGROMER® HT-1 sensor forms a powerful combination. With measurement results within 50 ms (electronics) it consumes very little energy without loosing accuracy.

    Humidity and Temperature probe Features
    • Compatible with RMS data loggers (RMS-LOG) and RMS software
    • Measures relative humidity and temperature, calculates the dew point
    • With new HYGROMER® HT-1 sensor
    • Outstanding accuracy and repeatability
    • Accuracy ±0.8 %RH
    • Excellent long-term stability <1 %RH / year
    • Developed for very low power applications
    • Digital calibration and adjustment
    • Software Conforms to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP 5