Action Instruments Product Categories

Action Instruments Product Categories

  • 2 Wire Temperature Transmitter TP04

    2 Wire Temperature Transmitter | TP04

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    2 Wire Temperature Transmitter - Overview

    This electronic device is used to send a temperature measurement, which is taken by a temperature sensor, over 2 wires to the processing unit. The transmitter is responsible for converting the small electrical signal from the temperature sensor into a more readable signal for the processing unit.

    2 Wire Temperature Transmitter- Features

    • Monitoring for long-distance temperature signal transmission
    • SS Housing, with anti-condensation function and good heat dissipation
    • Good measuring repeatability and anti-interference
    • Signal transfer from PT sensor to 4 ... 20 mA
    • With SD05 integrated signal indicator for local display (Optional)
  • AC digital clamp meter with data logger CMP-3kR

    AC digital clamp meter with data logger | CMP-3kR

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    AC digital clamp meter with data logger - Overview

    The handy digital AC clamps meter with a recorder is a professional tool for measuring AC current up to 3000 A. The CMP-3kR is equipped with flexible clamps with a diameter of 160 mm and a cable length of up to 170 cm. Operating the device is simple and safe. The user can maintain greater distance and control due to the Sonel Multimeter Mobile application - it provides communication with the meter via Bluetooth interface. The bracket on the back of the case allows the use of various types of hangers, including magnetic ones. This small, specialised instrument incorporates a built-in recorder with RTC that can record currents for 24 hours with a recording frequency of 1 second.

    AC digital clamp meter with data logger - Features

    • Attachable flexible clamp
    • Enables AC current measurement up to 3000 A
    • Designed for easy installation on power busbars up to 160 mm diameter
    • Wireless communication via Bluetooth, or Sonel Multimeter Mobile application
    • Robust design
    • INRUSH feature helps testing for inrush current levels
    • Integrated current logger with an RTC includes start date and time
    • Record and store results and include descriptions or photos
  • Flow Switch-Piston Type FPC04

    Flow Switch-Piston Type | FPC04

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    Flow Switch-Piston Type - Overview

    This Piston Flow Switch is a mechanical flow switch used for gases or liquids. It boasts a spring-supported piston and has magnetic triggering of a reed switch. The rugged design makes for a very durable product. Available in plastic or stainless steel.

    Flow Switch-Piston Type - Features

    • Protection Rating - IP65
    • Pressure resistance 100bar (stainless steel)
    • Minimal pressure loss
    • Good repeatability
    • Dirt-resistant
    • High switch capability
    • Housing: Plastic / Stainless Steel
  • High Voltage Cables and Joints tester | TEST PD

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    High Voltage Cables and Joints tester - Overview

    The Test PD is a compact, portable device for the effective testing of cable heads and cable joints under a voltage of 6 kV and higher. The device is easy to use and has an advanced system integrated into its software, which allows the user to quickly evaluate the condition of the analysed object. This makes the device user-friendly for service personnel as it doesn't require special training. To test a cable joint, switch on Test PD, install it on an insulating stick and bring it close to the tested object. The information about the current joint condition will be immediately displayed in the form of 4-colour histograms and a cross-section of the high voltage cable. The Sonel TestPD mobile application for Android devices allows for remote reading of the instrument’s indications.

    High Voltage Cables and Joints tester  - Sensors

    • Capacitive VHF sensor for partial discharge measurement (VHF, 2…100 MHz)
    • Acoustic ultrasonic sensor for partial discharge measurement (AC, 40 kHz)
    • Electromagnetic high-frequency sensor for partial discharge measurement (HF, 0.1…2 MHz)
    • Non-contact pyrometer (-40°C …+120°C)
    • Industrial current frequency sensor for synchronization of measurements (N)


  • Hot Wire Thermal Flow Switch FTC05

    Hot Wire Thermal Flow Switch | FTC05

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    Hot Wire Thermal Flow Switch - Overview

    Based on the thermodynamic principle, this flow switch features two temperature sensors inside the probe: one is for the medium temperature into which it projects, and the other one is heated a few degrees above the medium temperature. When the medium flows, the heat generated in the sensor is diffused by the medium. The difference between these two sensors is used to measure flow rate. It comes in all-metal housing and is suitable for a variety of pipe diameters.

    Hot Wire Thermal Flow Switch  - Features

    • The flow switch is suitable for oil, water, gas, and liquid level detection
    • Selectable output: PNP/NPN/Relay
    • Metal shell design
    • Easy installation
    • Measuring rod withstands pressure of 10 bar (length can be customised)
    • LED light indicator, simple shape
    • Can set the switch point or range
  • Pressure Quick-Test System

    Pressure Quick-Test System

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    Pressure Quick-test System - Overview

    The Ralston Quick-test™ system of low volume, high-pressure hoses, corresponding fittings, and adapters is a game-changer. With max pressure ranges over 350 Bar, Ralston Quick-test™ connections outperform other quick connections with adaptors to most standard connections. Also available in the Quick-test XT™ that handles up to 700 Bar.

    Pressure Quick-test System - Features

    • Secure, leak-free connections every time
    • Any standard pressure connection can be converted to a Quick-test fitting
    • It saves hours of wasted time thread-taping and searching for wrenches
    • The system safely self-vents while still threaded during disconnection, preventing blowoffs
  • PVM-1020 Kit

    PVM-1020 Kit

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    PVM-1020 Kit - Overview


    The PVM-1020 photovoltaic meter includes a large collection of measurement functions. The functions are selected with a rotary switch. Additional parameters are set with buttons located on the housing. The graphic display and all the buttons are backlit, ensuring easy reading in shaded areas. Its large memory significantly shortens the preparation time of documents after measurement. Measurement data from the PVM-1020 can be transferred to a computer via Bluetooth wireless communication. The downloaded data can be saved to popular formats and printed using the Sonel Reader software. The optional Sonel Reports software generates reports on electric shock protection.


    The IRM-1 is an indispensable unit for testing PV systems. By measuring solar radiation values, as well as panel and ambient temperatures, it provides the necessary data to convert the results into STC conditions. It is used as a tool in the PV plant design process, as well as in diagnosing panel shading problems. It performs well in harsh environmental conditions. Protection against dust and water is provided by the housing rated at IP65.  Measurement data from the IRM-1 can be transferred to a computer via the USB port. In addition, the device has a built-in wireless LoRa interface (Long Range) for automatic data exchange with the PVM-1020 meter over long distances (a larger range than the Bluetooth technology). A built-in recorder has a memory for 5000 records.

    PVM-1020 Kit - Features


    • Can be used for category 1 measurements according to IEC 62446-1
    • AUTO mode for a sequence of measurements
    • Converts measured parameters into STC conditions according to IEC 60891
    • reSYNC function – automatic completion of results
    • The built-in LoRa radio interface
    • Built-in Bluetooth
    • Large measurement memory: 100 objects with 40 cells each
    • Backlit display and buttons


    • Measures solar radiation and temperature
    • LoRa interface for long-range communication with the PVM-1020 meter
    • Automatic data synchronization with the PVM-1020 meter
    • Built-in compass and inclination sensor
    • Built-in recorder
    • Large measurement memory: 999 cache memory cells and 5000 records
    • Solar radiation intensity in W/m2 or BTU/ft2 h
    • PV panel temperature in °C or °F
    • Ambient temperature in °C or °F
  • Temperature and Humidity Transmitter EX-Series THM14EX

    Temperature and Humidity Transmitter EX-Series | THM14EX

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    Temperature and Humidity Transmitter - Overview

    The THM14EX is used to measure relative humidity or temperature in air and other non-aggressive gases, that is in an explosion hazardous area or a location with flammable dust.

    Temperature and Humidity Transmitter - Features

    • IP rating: IP 66
    • Rugged aluminium case
    • Stainless steel probe
    • High measurement accuracy
    • High long-term stability
  • Temperature Transmitter 2-Wire RTD Head TP01

    Temperature Transmitter 2-Wire RTD Head | TP01

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    Temperature Transmitter - Overview

    Linear temperature measurement used in conjunction with a Pt100 sensor. To avoid temperature signal attenuation during long-distance transmission, it converts Pt100 input into standard analog current output DC 4 ... 20 mA (2-wire). In this way, a stable and accurate figure can be collected and shown on the display of terminal instrument. Can be connected to a PLC, digital display, industrial computer, etc. Suitable for use in cooling systems, agriculture, air conditioning, heating, storage tanks and equipment.

    Temperature Transmitter - Features

    • High quality
    • Anti-interference
    • High cost performance ratio
    • Large round head installation
    • -50 ... 400°C or special range
    • 4 ... 20 mA
    • ZERO / SPAN adjustable
    • Polarity protection ; Over-voltage ; Short-circuit
  • Temperature Transmitter for DIN-rail TP02

    Temperature Transmitter for DIN-rail | TP02

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    Temperature Transmitter for DIN-rail - Overview

    For temperature measurement used in conjunction with a Pt100 sensor. This temperature transmitter is ideal for monitoring long-distance temperature signal transmission in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, water power, electricity, agriculture, greenhouses, environmental engineering, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Temperature transmitters are used in industrial manufacturing as a means of process control because they transmit measurements from a temperature sensor during different stages in the manufacturing process.

    Temperature Transmitter for DIN-rail - Features

    • Medium: Air
    • Special IC for RTD
    • High accuracy
    • Less space for installation is required
    • High quality and low price
    • DIN-rail type
    • Quick to install
  • Thermocouple Thermal Resistance Temperature Sensors RTD/TC

    Thermocouple Thermal Resistance Temperature Sensors | RTD/TC

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    Thermocouple Thermal Resistance Temperature Sensors - Overview

    Thermocouple (T/C) Thermocouple sensors are made from two wires. Each wire is a different type of metal. These are then welded together to form a measuring/hot junction. This junction and the wires are usually enclosed in a protective metal tube which is inserted into the medium where the temperature is to be measured. The opposite end of the two wires is also joined, and that point is known as the cold junction. As the temperature at the measuring junction changes, thermal current movement occurs between the hot and cold junctions, generating an electron flow. The measurement of this electron flow can then be referenced to a formula, which converts the reading to °C or °F.  The thermal current motion of a thermocouple relates directly to the types of wires used.

    RTD platinum resistance: is a sensor whose resistance changes as its temperature changes. The resistance increases as the temperature of the sensor increases. The resistance vs temperature correlation is well established and is repeatable over time. The temperature is measured with the resistance of pure metal wires, and the resistance increases at a fixed ratio as the temperature increases. Resistance thermometers are made of platinum, nickel, or copper - with platinum being more commonly used because of its stability and reproducibility.

    Thermocouple thermal resistance temperature sensor specifications and sizes can be customized according to different needs.

    Thermocouple Thermal Resistance Temperature Sensors



  • Tool and Appliance Safety Tester D255

    Tool and Appliance Safety Tester | D255

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    Tool and Appliance Safety Tester - Overview

    The D255 provides industry-standard appliance test solutions for the Equipment Hire and Service / Repair Industries. The D255 brings an improved user experience by giving a large, clear indication of the measured values and providing more accurate readings. With only one single value displayed for the test being performed the D255 will ensure the correct logging of the test results every time. Perfect for the workshop environments with the ability to perform testing of Class I and Class II products in accordance with the HAE EHA Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Testing in the Hire Industry, and international standards, including BS EN 60335 and BS EN 62841.

    Tool and Appliance Safety Tester - Features

    • Clear & accurate digital readout of test measurements
    • Measurement hold of result at end of test for convenience
    • Provides a full suite of electrical safety tests including earth/ground bond, hipot/flash testing, load/run and leakage testing
    • Visual Alarm
    • Audible Alarm
    • Digital Display
    • Accurate Readings (Earth/Power/Leakage)
  • Ultrasonic leak and electrical discharge detector TUD-1

    Ultrasonic leak and electrical discharge detector | TUD-1

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    Ultrasonic leak and electrical discharge detector - Overview

    The advanced ultrasonic leak and electric discharge detector effectively detects electric discharges and leaks. It is a portable and compact device, developed to detect leaks and locate sources of electrical discharges. The device receives ultrasound waves that are transmitted through the air and transforms them into acoustic waves that are audible to the human ear. The detector amplifies the received waves and displays them as signals on the LED ruler and in acoustic form through the supplied headphones. Housed in a handy carrying case, the instrument ensures easy and hassle-free transportation. The detector can operate on battery power for up to 20 hours, which allows great mobility and increased area of application. The device has a solid design and is very robust, suitable for use even at -20°C.

    Suitable for:

    • the search for leaks in pneumatic and hydraulic systems
    • sources of electrical discharge to be located on such elements as power grid lines, insulators, generators, transformers
    • leak checks on systems that supply water and gas, such as pipelines, taps, valves, hydraulic components, pumps, compressors
    • diagnostics of the condition of mechanical components, including bearings, gears, drive shafts, pumps, compressors, generators

    Ultrasonic leak and electrical discharge detector - Features

    • Identification of acoustic-wave defects in the range of ultrasounds (40±1) kHz
    • Stepless adjustment of gain
    • Easy & clear interpretation of results visually on the LED scale and acoustically with earphones
    • Additional probes selected for different methods of analysing the leakage spot


  • Weather Backpack

    Weather Backpack

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    Weather Backpack - Overview

    The Weather Backpack is a professional, automatic weather station (AWS) for temporary measurement campaigns. This portable station measures all relevant meteorological parameters.  The Weather Backpack is a high-precision weather station that provides important data in meteorological research quality. Its outstanding measurement quality, reliability and durability will meet the highest demands in science and governmental environmental applications. The station can be easily stowed in its carrying case and quickly transported from one location to another. Since the station is mobile, even large areas can be covered. This all-in-one station is ideal for all critical applications.

    Weather Backpack - Applications

    • Tracking of industrial emissions
    • Disaster control
    • Test tracks and test sites for vehicles
    • Sporting events
    • Wind warning for event security
    • Diagnostics in building physics
    • Research and science
    • Environmental Agencies
  • Phasing sticks 11kV PR11 - Seaward

    11kV Phasing sticks with neon indication | PR11

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    11kV Phasing sticks - Overview

    The PR11 phasing sticks provide a means of phase comparison at the point of paralleling two circuits, without the interposition of voltage transformers or secondary wiring circuits. A neon-type instrument, it is designed for use on earthed neutral circuits up to 11kV.

    11kV Phasing sticks - Features

    • For use on 1kV to 11.5kV systems
    • PVC handguards on handles of elements
    • Neon indicator enclosed in shock-resistant sleeve
    • Direct areas possible to all types of switchgear
    • Complies with UK Electricity Council Engineering recommendation G9