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  • eYc Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter with flange

    Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter | FTS140

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    Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter Overview

    FTS140 is a hot wire air velocity transmitter, using the mass flow measuring principle. Using a stable electrical bridge with good accuracy,  stable performance and low flow

    It is suitable for use in HVAC air conditioning environment measurement, optimization and adjustment of system performance, ventilation control.
    Duct type installation is used extensively in environmental engineering projects, buildings and factory making for easy installation.

    Hot Wire Air Velocity Transmitter Features

    • Accuracy(+25°C):±3%F.S.
    • Hot wire mass flow transmitter
    • IP rating: IP54
    • Linear adjustment function
    • Switching analogue output by dipswitch
    • Offset function by button
    • The housing and probe material are PC fire-proof
    • Measuring range:0 ... 20 m/s
    • Minimum measuring range:0.2 m/s
    • Signal:4 ... 20 mA / DC 0 ... 10 V
    • ( ILAC / TAF ) Test report
  • Profile image of Preos 16440 static wind sensor

    Lambrecht Static Wind Sensor PREOS 16440

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    NMEA DAta Protocol label Aluminium Metal parts label No moving parts analogue output label

    The Hottest Static Wind Sensor Around

    The static hotwire air flow meters, also known as Thermal Anemometer, is specially designed for extreme environmental conditions including very cold-climates. With no movable elements, it can withstand winds of up to  0...100 m/s and measure wind speeds of up to 65 m/s. Extremely robust and compact sensor has a high-quality, pollutant-resistant housing made of anodised aluminium.

    Static Wind Sensor Features

    • no movable measuring elements
    • measures wind direction and wind speed
    • standard RS 422 interface with ESD protection
    • ASCII data protocol according to NMEA 0183
    • simple, space-saving assembly
    • analogue output 4...20 mA for wind speed and wind direction
    • power supply 18...32 VDC with integrated overvoltage protection
    • integrated sensor head heating and heating ring in the base prevent a build-up of ice and snow at the sensor


  • RS232 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor ARCO-NAV

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    Combined wind sensor NMEA DAta Protocol label Seawater resistant Aluminium Metal parts label

    Wind Speed and Direction Sensor ARCO-NAV with RS232 Output

    The classical combined sensor for off-shore applications. The robust design made from material resistant to seawater with special coating guarantee high reliability with error-free long time use. Wind values will be given as NMEA-protocol serially every minute. For applications close to the sea this sensor is the first choice for either extreme weather condition or on the sea.

    Features of Wind and Speed sensor ARCO-NAV

    • Special coating for error-free long time use
    • Combined sensor design for universal use
    • Best material quality and precision for low start-up values and wide measuring range
    • Wear-free data collection for high accuracy and resolution of the measuring values
    • Serial interface with NMEA 0183 p
  • Flow Measurement Transmitter -AF1


    Air velocity measurement made easy.

    The AF1 series is a cost-effective, high-precision and stable transmitter for measuring air velocity and temperature. The devices have a calorimetric sensor and outstanding long-term stability. The measuring range and the output signals can be configured easily with a Software or using the integrated DIP- switches.


    • High degree of stability and repeatability
    • Compact design
    • The outputs and measuring ranges can be configured using DIP switches
    • Simple mechanical installation
    • Outstanding price/performance ratio
    • Ideal for HVAC applications
    • Modbus RTU via RS485