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Humidity Data Loggers

  • Rotronic HP GTS Sword PRobe for moisture in paper, cardboard and textiles

    Humidity Measuring for paper industry | HYGROPALM HP-GTS


    Humidity Measuring for Paper Stacks Overview HP-GTS

    The HP-GTS from Rotronic is a tried and tested instrument for measurement of equilibrium relative humidity and temperature in stacks of paper, cardboard and textile. Ideal for paper and textile technicians as well as printers. Graphical display of measured values, easy adjustable visual and audible alarm. 64,000 data memory with programmable logging interval.

    Paper Stack Humidity Meter Features

    • Measure relative Humidity and temperature in paper stacks.
    • Robust aluminium sword probe
    • Range of application of instrument and probe: -10…60 °C / 0…100 %rh (non-condensing)
    • Graphical Display of measure values.
    • Freely adjustable visual and audible alarm.
    • Accuracy at 23°C: ±2 %RH, ±0.3 °K
    • Compatible with HW4 software > V3.9 (free download at

    Included: Hygropalm HP-GTS, Soft case , Micro USB Cable

  • Humidity Data Logger – HygroLog – HL-1D


    Humidity Data Logger HL-1D Overview

    The HL1D is a compact, low cost temperature and humidity data logger. Capable of ±3.0 %RH and ±0.3°C measurement accuracy. Memory can store up to 32,000 data points. HW4-Lite software key included in the purchase (software downloaded from internet).

    Humidity Data Logger Features

    • Accurate humidity and temperature measurement±3.0 %RH and ±0.3 °C
    • Compact design with a high IP67 protection
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP 5 conform software HW4
    • Logger storage capacity: 32,000 lines
    • Programmable start and stop time for data logger with the HW4 software
    • Long battery life (up to 3 years)
    • Logger MIN/MAX/AVG Humidity and temperature statistical function
    • Includes HW4-lite software key for programmable and analytical software
    • Clear LCD with visual alerts
  • Handheld Air Velocity, Humidity and Temperature Meter AFP1


    The intelligent AFP1 multi-parameter measuring instrument is ideal for spot measurements in HVAC systems. Thanks to easy operation via a smartphone, it is possible not only to take random measurements, but also to record, export and display data as wanted.

    Operation with “ROTRONIC” App
    The AFP1 sensor is operated via Bluetooth communication with the ROTRONIC smartphone app, which can be obtained free-of charge from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).
    The app offers functions to display, log and send the required measured values by e-mail. It is also possible, among others, to define parameter-specific settings and options for the measurement.


    • Intelligent multi-parameter measuring instrument for air velocity, humidity and temperature
    • Small vane anemometer for in-tube measurements
    • Telescopic rod extends to 1.2 meter
    • Smartphone connection via Bluetooth®
    • Easy data logging via iOS or Android app
    • Direct volume flow calculation
    • Numeric or graphic display
    • Simple data export for evaluation on a PC

    Delivery package

    • Factory certificate
    • Short instruction manual
    • APP (online)
    • Batteries 2 x 3 V (CR2032)
    • Soft case
  • Accurate Temperature and Humidity Data Logger – Hygrolog HL-20


    Accurate Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

    The Accurate data logger for humidity and temperature measurement offers high precision and reliability at a reasonable price. The HL-20 series is easy to use and deployable in a wide range of applications. Thanks to its integrated batteries, the HL-20 works completely independently and offers its users maximum flexibility.

    Humidity Data Logger Features

    • Highest accuracy at 0.8 %RH and 0.2 ˚C
    • Outstanding long term stability
    • 20,000 data point memory with date & time stamps
    • Programmable alarm limits
    • Programmable recording intervals
    • Psychrometric calculations of dew and frost point values available
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP 4 compliant
    • Long battery life
  • RMS Data logger, external probe, LAN or 868


    Temperature and Humidity Data Logging Transmitter via Monitoring system on the Cloud or direct to your network server.

    The data logger captures data from a probe and transmits it to a database in the ROTRONIC Monitoring System. It guarantees absolute data protection, even if power supply and communications should temporarily break down. As it stores 44,000 pairs of measured values from the exchangeable HygroClip probe, and transmits them to the RMS database via LAN.

    Humidity Data Logger Features

    • LAN Interface plug directly into a router with internet connection.
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP5 compliant
    • Measures and Stores 44,000 pairs values
    • Fail-safe, thanks to internal battery
    • 3 years battery lifetime
    • Compatible with RMS Gateway, RMS server software and RMS Cloud

    Requires: interchangeable HygroClip probe and a cloud software account with Rotronic or the purchased software on you own server.

  • Wireless Mini Data Logger – RMS-MLOG


    Wifi Mini Data Logger

    The mini data logger is a low-cost wireless data logger use wit the ROTRONIC monitoring system. Its small housing and wireless interface make it a really flexible.

    Wireless Data logger variants:

    • Temperature & Humidity
    • Temperature sensor (NTC)
    • External temperature sensor (NTC)
    • Light
    • Voltage measurement,
    • Current measurement 0-20mA
    • Digital switch contact

    With this versatility, it can monitor refrigerators and incubators, as well as door contacts and OEM analog devices.

    Data Logger Features
    • Conforms to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP5
    • Stores 10,000 measured values
    • Syncs with remote database when connected
    • The internal battery is a Fail-safe
    • Battery lifetime 3 years
    • Depending on the version, it measures temperature, current, voltage, or light, or monitors a digital switch input
    • Compatable to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP5

    Requires a RMS Gateway connected to Internet, together with software RMS server software or RMS Cloud