Category: Relative Humidity Displays

Relative Humidity Displays

Relative Humidity Displays display information about humidity. They are attached to a sensor and provide real-time humidity updates and information.  Some humidity displays are digital while others use analog display dials.  Ideal for labs or humidity-sensitive areas.

  • Masons Pattern Hygrometer P2505 Sale!

    Masons Pattern Hygrometer | P2505


    Masons Pattern Hygrometer -  Overview

    Housed in a yellow plastic case with lid and bulb protection. Only available in Red Spirit. Supplied with Hygrometric tables, spare wick and instructions. Sold as single units.

    Masons Pattern Hygrometer - Features

    • Requires no electricity
      • no flat batteries
      • no Atex issues.
    • Reading of  Wet and Dry bulb Temperature
    • Use Hygrometric table to get Relative Humidity
  • Digital Thermo-hygrometer | PH1000


    Digital Thermo-hygrometer- Overview

    The Thermo-Hygrometer model PH1000 features a large, easy-to-read dual display. With a humidity range of 10 to 99 rH and a temperature range from -50 to +70°C at a resolution of 0.1°C. It also incorporates a 12/24 hour clock. The instrument is housed in a white ABS case which had a foldaway stand and keyhole slot for wall hanging.

    Digital Thermo-hygrometer - Features

    • Range -50 to + 70°C
    • Max Min Memory
    • Foldaway stand and keyhole slot for wall
    • 0.1°C/°F resolution
    • Powered 1x 1.5V AAA
    • Range: -50 to +70°C
    • Range: 10 - 99 rH
  • CO2 Display | Rotronic


    CO2 Display - Overview

    This CO2 display simultaneously measures and records CO2, humidity and temperature.  It can be wall-mounted or put on a bench-top. Configurable directly via buttons. Stored data can be exported to a USB memory stick for analysis with the free ROTRONIC software package SW21. This instrument offers unbeatable value for money. It comes equipped with the stable ROTRONIC HYGROMER® IN-1 humidity sensor. Suitable for Indoor Air Quality, Open-Plan Offices, Classrooms, Meeting Rooms, Shopping Centers, and Fitness Studios.

    CO2 Display- Features

    • Adjustable, visual CO2 indicator
    • Measures and records CO2, relative humidity and temperature
    • Accuracy ±2.5 %RH / ±0.3 K / ±30 ppm + 5% of measured value
    • Humidity sensor HYGROMER® IN-1
    • 18,000 data point memory for CO2, humidity and temperature values
    • Display of date and time
    • Large, easy-to-read display
    • USB access for data download
  • Monitoring System Data logger | RMS-LOG-L-D

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    Monitoring System Data logger - Overview

    The data logger captures and displays data from interchangeable CO2, differential pressure, humidity, temperature or low dew point probes. It then transmits it to a ROTRONIC Monitoring System database on the Cloud or directly to your network server. It provides data protection, even if the power supply and/or communications should be temporarily lost. It stores 44,000 pairs of measured values from the exchangeable probe and transmits them to the RMS database via LAN once the connection is restored. The logger can also be used as a standalone transmitter as the device provides a MODBUS TCP server.

    Monitoring System Data logger - Features

    • LAN Interface plugs directly into a router with internet connection.
    • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / GAMP5 compliant
    • Measures and Stores 44,000 pairs of values
    • Redundant power supply

    Requires: interchangeable probes: CO2, differential pressure, humidity, temperature or low dew point probe and a cloud software account with Rotronic or the purchased software on your server. Compatible with RMS-WEB, RMS Server Software, RMS-CLD, RMS Cloud, Autonomous operation and audible alarms from V2.1