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Leakage Current Meters

  • Leakage Current Alarm Signaler MPU-1

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    Leakage Current Alarm

    MPU-1 is dedicated measurement of leakage current in AC, low and medium voltage power network.  Working with dangerous voltage lines, one piece of equipment to improve safety is an instrument for continuous monitoring of leakage current. Designed to indicate networks safety condition for leakage current. The device enable you to set maximum safe level of flowing leakage current which will activate visual and audible alarms.

    Important features of MPU-1 Leakage Current Alarm Signaler:

    • Constant monitoring of current flowing on earthing
    • Measurement with the use of single clamp or two clamps simultaneously. In case of using two clamps, current value is summed up,  which allows for checking twin pylons (rotational), with independent clamp for each component pylon,
    • Work mode LED indicator,
    • Visual and sound alarm (speaker built in cover) in case of higher value of leakage current than define limit (factory default set to 1A),
    • Battery level monitoring,
    • No DC current measurement,
    • Measurement with flexible clamp (Rogowski coil) - Sonel F series,
    • Measurement in 50Hz or 60 Hz frequency low and medium voltage networks,
    • Auto ranging,
    • Ergonomic handling
    • MPU-1 for operation requires F1, F-2 or F-3 clamp (additional accessories)
  • Profile Picture RCD Meter

    RCD Tester MRP-201

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    Residual Current Device tester  MRP-201

    RCD 's help to protect against shock when current flows through a person from a phase to earth. Testing the operating conditions of a RCD is essential to make sure the safety levels remain.

    The MRP-201 RCD tester can be used on breakers of AC, A and B type. And does testing of general, short delay and selective RCDs for the rated current values IΔn =10, 30, 100, 300 and 500 mA. Measurement of tripping current IA and disconnection time. Ability to measure touch voltage UB and earth resistance RE without tripping. With AUTO RCD test function.

    Features of MRP-201 RCD Tester

    • testing general, short delay and selective RCDs for the rated current values IΔn =10, 30, 100, 300
    • simultaneous  measurement tripping current IA and disconnection time tA, for currents
      • 0,5IΔn
      • 1IΔn
      • 2IΔn
      • 5IΔn
    • measure touch voltage UB and earth resistance RE without tripping
    • AC voltage and frequency measurement
    • PE lead connection check using a touch electrode
    • Built-in memory for up to 990 sets of measurement results.
    • Wireless radio communication interface
    • Professional software for reading data and creating reports.