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Resistance Instruments

Resistance Instruments normally measure resistance to indicate the condition of a component or a circuit. Resistance is the electrical quantity that measures how the device or material reduces the electric current flow through it.


  • 15kV Insulation Resistance Meter | MIC15k1

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    15kV Insulation Resistance Meter - Overview

    The MIC-15k1 meter is designed to measure the insulation resistance of power objects up to 15kV, i.e. single and multicore cables, transformers, motors and generators, capacitors, switches, and other devices installed in power stations. It is especially recommended for measurements in areas with very high electromagnetic disturbances, e.g. electrical substations with 1200 kV AC and 500 kV DC. Thanks to the 15 kV measuring voltage (in accordance with ANSI / NETA ATS-2009 TABLES 100.1) the meter can be used for measuring objects with a nominal voltage above 34.5 kV.

    15kV Insulation Resistance Meter - Features

    • Diagnostics of insulation systems based on standard measurements of IR, DAR, PI, SV, RT, and DD, widened with the partial discharge (PD) indicator for each of these measurements
    • Testing the electrical durability of tested object - breakdown voltage indication
    • High resistance to electromagnetic interferences - uninterrupted work in power stations & close to high voltage transmission lines up to 1200 kV AC & 500 kV DC
    • Smooth voltage rise in time function (RT - Ramp Test) - state the partial discharges in the facility and carry out a partial location of their occurrence
    • Efficient converter with a power of ~150 W enables insulation burnout, allowing for pinpointing the location of cables and wires short circuit using one of the following:
      • visual method (if power cables are visible along the entire length)
      • reflectometric methods, seismic-acoustic waves detector, or with A-frame to indicate the direction of the fault (the conductor must be buried in the ground with earth direct contact)
    • Compatible with external software
  • Dielectric Oil Breakdown Voltage Flash Point Tester PORTATEST A-2

    Dielectric Oil Breakdown Voltage Flash Point Tester | PORTATEST A-2

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    Oil Dielectric Breakdown Voltage Tester - Overview

    The PORTATEST A-2 Oil tester is a fully automatic tester for the determination of the dielectric breakdown voltage of the insulating liquid. Otherwise known as a flashpoint tester. It has been designed for laboratory use as well as field use for servicing and commissioning. The PORTATEST A-2 is very comfortable and easy to use. The requested testing standard may be selected via the menu. The corresponding electrode type as well as the electrode spacing will be displayed for confirmation before starting the test. After placing the test vessel with the oil sample into the test chamber, the protection lid needs to be closed. For maximum operator security, the protection lid is equipped with a security interlock key switching off the HV when opened during testing. When starting the test, sample temperature as well as a customer-specific sample number may be entered and will then be integrated into the test report printout. The testing sequence according to the selected testing standard is performed fully automatically.

    Oil dielectric breakdown voltage tester - Features

    • Fully automatic Oil tester for laboratory and field use during service and commissioning
    • Testing voltage up to 100 kV
    • Pre-Programmed for common national and international testing standards
    • Up to ten free programmable user testing sequences
    • Short switch-off time <1ms avoiding carbonization of the sample
    • Indication of individual breakdown values, average value, and standard deviation
    • Graphic-Display with backlight
    • Clear operator guiding via four soft keys F1 - F4
    • Input dialogue for sample temperature and sample number if required
    • Multi-language menu, language selected via the Setup menu
    • PC-data storage via serial interface RS232
    • Glass test vessel with a lid and magnetic stirrer
    • Different electrodes available (mushroom, sphere, or disc)
    • Electrode spacing adjustable
    • Integrated printer
    • Rugged aluminium housing with shielded test chamber
  • Insulation Resistance Meter 15TΩ MIC-5010

    Insulation Resistance Meter 15TΩ | MIC-5010

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    Insulation Resistance Meter 15 TΩ - Overview

    This resistance meter is a reliable tool for measuring insulation resistance up to 15 TΩ. The maximum measurement current is 1.2 mA or 3 mA, which guarantees the charging of an object with a large capacity in a short time. Each measurement, either when the programmed time expires or is manually interrupted, ends with the meter discharging the object. The device has unique algorithms that allow it to recognise the nature of the voltage present on an object, enabling the instrument to determine whether the voltage is the mains voltage or whether it is the voltage generated by an electromagnetic field. This makes it possible to carry out measurements in the presence of very strong electromagnetic fields where this was previously not feasible.

    The instrument is equipped with accessories that guarantee safety during measurements with all available voltages - test leads, probes, and crocodile clips meet extremely rigorous standards. The accessories are supplied as standard with a handy carrying case. The high resistance of the device to interference means that cables as long as 20 m can be used for measurements.

    Insulation Resistance Meter 15 TΩ - Features

    • Voltage range of 50…5000 V, 50…1000 V in steps of 10 V, 1…5 kV in steps of 25 V
    • Continuous indication of insulation resistance and leakage current
    • Automatic discharge of measured object capacitance voltage after measurement
    • Acoustic signaling of 5-second intervals for capturing time characteristics
    • Adjustable measuring time - max. 99'59'’
    • Metered T1, T2, and T3 test times
    • Measurement of coefficients: polarisation (PI), absorption Ab1, Ab2, dielectric absorption ratio (DAR)
    • Indication of actual test voltage during measurement
    • Test current: 1.2 mA or 3 mA
    • Two- and three-lead method of insulation resistance measurement
    • Measurements with test leads up to 20 m
    • Protection against measuring live objects
    • Measurement of capacitance during the measurement of RISO
    • Step voltage insulation resistance measurement (SV)
    • Dielectric Discharge calculation (DD)
    • Digital filters for measurements with strong interferences
    • Continuity measurement of protective connections & bonding in accordance with EN 61557-4 with current > 200 mA
    • Adjustable limits for measured insulation resistance
    • Adjustable limits for measured RCONT resistance
    • Measurement of leakage current during insulation resistance testing
    • DC and AC voltage measurement in the range of 0…600 V
    • 990 cells of memory (11880 records)
    • Wireless data transmission via Bluetooth or USB cable
    • Power supply from mains or battery pack
    • Backlit display
    • Backlit keys
    • Meets EN 61557 standard


  • MMR-6700 Micro Ohmmeter

    MMR-6700 Micro Ohmmeter

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    MMR-6700 Micro Ohmmeter - Overview

    This versatile and multifunctional micro ohmmeter presents a single device for HV circuit breaker and transformer measurements. Its modern design and advanced solutions enable measurements of resistive objects with high current. The device has a module for the measurement of inductive objects with current of up to 10 A. It also comes with temperature measurement and automatic compensation of measurement. Additionally, the micro ohmmeter has a recording function. The special measurement algorithms and additional functionalities allow you to select the appropriate measurement method depending on the nature of the measured object and the measurement conditions, thus increasing the measurement capabilities and application areas of the device. It has modern, easy-to-read interfaces, and wireless communication, and cooperates with a computer, printer, and a 2D code reader.

    MMR-6700 Micro Ohmmeter - Features

    • measures resistive objects with current up to 100/200 A
    • measures induction objects up to 10 A
    • measures objects earthed on both sides (i.e. main joints of HV switches)
    • measures one or two-way current flow
    • high immunity to outside interference
    • measures temperature of windings
    • automatic compensation temperature of objects measured
    • state of art interface with a touch screen and expanded memory
    • cooperation with a printer and a 2D barcode reader
    • WiFi, USB, and LAN communication
    • IP67
    • suitable where electromagnetic interferences of 400 kV occur
  • Sheet Metal Surface Quality Tester MRP29HY

    Sheet Metal Surface Quality Tester | MRP29HY

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    Sheet Metal Surface Quality Tester - Overview

    The Sheet Metal Surface Quality Tester MRP29HY can measure surface quality and the efficiency in surface conditions of sheet micro-ohmmeter metals/plates. The MRP29HY consists of a micro-ohmmeter and a hydraulic press and the engineering principle is based on the ‘German Association for Welding Technology E.V.’ data sheet for quality evaluation on the sheet metal which is vital for every application, where the reliability is dependent on the surface quality. The priority is the welding of sheet metal (e.g. after etching, and brushing) in the automotive and aircraft industry, but also surface treatment (e.g. lacquer and splicing). The MRP29HY can measure the contact resistance on single sheet metal or overlap sheet metal e.g. aluminum or corresponding alloy, and other materials.


  • Transimpedance Amplifier High Impedance Measurement TA107

    Transimpedance Amplifier High Impedance Measurement | TA107

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    Transimpedance Amplifier High Impedance Measurement - Overview

    The TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier provides a solution for high impedance analysis applications by measuring the current flowing through a component or material under test with an innovative earth-referenced transimpedance amplifier technique. The TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier supplements our existing impedance analyser range to provide a solution for a wide range of measurement applications.

    Transimpedance Amplifier High Impedance Measurement - Features

    • 1MΩ to 100GΩ range with PSM1735
    • DC to 100kHz Frequency range
    • Adaptor or direct PSM power
    • Simple connection and operation


  • Multi-function Electrical Installation Meter MPI-540

    Electrical Installation Meter with Power Analyzer | MPI-540

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    Safety Rating CAT III at 500V LabelSafety Rating Cat IV at 300V labelLi-Ion Battery labelIP51 LabelBluetooth labelWiFi label

    Electrical Installation  Meter - Overview

    The MPI-540 meter is designed for checking the safety of industrial and domestic electrical installations. The user has the option to register the parameters of electrical networks located at these facilities. This allows for the measurement of the parameters for protection against electric shock using a single universal device while verifying the quality of electricity. The Auto mode allows significant automation of measurements of the meter and makes it possible to test the functioning of residual current circuit breakers, as well as in pre-programmed measuring sequences, which can be extended with their own sequences. Automatic measurement of insulation resistance of 3-, 4- and 5-wire conductors is possible by using an additional AUTO ISO-1000C adapter.


  • Mega Ohm Meter | MIC-10


    Safety Rating Cat IV at 600V label Safety Rating Cat III at 1000V labelIngress protection IP67 label

    Mega Ohm Meter - Overview

    The MIC-10 meter is designed to perform electrical tests, which establish the safety of insulation in systems. This is a very handy digital multimeter tool,  measuring insulation resistance up to 10GOhms with up to 1000V measuring in accordance with IEC61557-2.

    Mega Ohm Meter - Features

    • Continuous indication of insulation resistance or leakage current
    • Select test voltages of: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 V
    • Automatic discharge of capacitance of tested object after the insulation resistance measurement
    • Acoustic signalling of five-second periods to facilitate obtaining time characteristics
    • Indication of actual test voltage during the measurement
    • Protection against measuring live objects
    • Three-lead measurement
    • Continuity measurement of protective and equipotential conductors according to EN 61557 - 4 with  >200 mA current
    • Low-voltage circuit continuity and resistance measurement
    • Circuit resistance measurement (<1999 ) with the <15 mA current
    • Sound signal if circuit resistance is below 30Ω
    • Capacitance measurement during the RISO measurement
    • Measurement of alternating and direct voltages in the 0...600 V range
    • Power supply: 4 AA disposable or rechargeable batteries, monitoring of power supply voltage
    • Meter conforms to EN 61557
  • Earth Resistance Meter MRU-10

    Earth Resistance Meter MRU-10


    Safety Rating Cat IV at 150V labelIngress protection IP67 label

    Earth Resistance Meter - Overview

    The Sonel MRU-10 is a simple meter that allows you to measure earthing resistance using technical methods.  It also measures grounding resistance using the pole method. The instruments are easy to handle, intuitive, resistive to interference, and accurate. This unit checks the quality of the grounding system based on the received measurement result. The device is an excellent choice for electrical technicians, installation contractors and professionals dealing with grounding measurements. This Earth Resistance meter is durable with firm housing and has a big and clear display with an ergonomic design. Ideal to use both in the field and in most working environments.

    Earth Resistance Meter - Features

    • Measure earthing resistance using auxiliary electrodes method 2-pole and 3-pole
    • Measurement of resistance of auxiliary electrodes RS and RH
    • Measurement in the presence of interference voltage in the power network with frequency 50 Hz and 60 Hz
    • Selection of maximum measuring voltage (25 V and 50 V)
    • Measurement category: CAT IV 150 V  acc. to EN 61010-1
    • Protection class acc. to EN 60529: IP67
    • Indication of battery state
    • LCD display: segment, backlit,
    • Number of measurements (RE3P) carried out of set of batteries: > 3000


  • Earth Resistance Meter MRU-200 GPS

    Earth Resistance Meter | MRU-200 GPS

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    Safety Rating Cat IV at 300V label Safety Rating Cat III at 600V label Bluetooth Enabled label GPS

    Earth Resistance Meter - Overview

    The MRU-200 earth resistance meter is unique in the market as it uses all measurement methods to get earth resistance.  Making sure the ground system has a low earth ground resistance when initially installed is a very important safety check. Making sure the low resistance is maintained is just as important. Resistance of the grounding system might increase when the ground rods are corroded. Over time, soil with high moisture, salt content and high temperatures will corrode connections.  It is therefore recommended that the earthing be checked periodically to make sure there is not a big increase in resistance.

    Earth Resistance Meter - Features

    • earth resistance measurement with 2-pole, 3-pole,4-pole method
    • two clamps earth resistance measurement without auxiliary test probes
    • impulse earth impedance measurement, three kinds of measuring impulse 4/10μs, 8/20μs, 10/350μs
    • earth resistance measurement without disconnecting measured earths (using clamp)
    • continuity measurement
    • leakage current measurement
    • optional built-in GPS
    • GPS coordinates of the measurement are stored in meter memory (with GPS model)
    • measurement of resistance of auxiliary electrodes RS and RH
    • measurement of interference voltage
    • measurement of interference frequency
    • measurement in the presence of interference voltage in the power network
    • with frequency 16 2/3 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz (with automatic selection of proper frequency of measuring signal)
    • selection of maximum measuring voltage (25 V and 50 V)
    • introducing the distance between the electrodes for the resistivity in meters (m) and feet (ft)
    • memory of 990 measurements (10 banks of 99 cells each)
    • calibration of clamp used
    • real-time clock (RTC)
    • data transmission to the computer USB and Bluetooth*
    • indication of battery state


  • Short-Circuit Loop Impedance Meter MZC-20E

    Short-Circuit Loop Impedance Meter MZC-20E


    Ingress protection IP67 label

    Short-Circuit Loop Impedance Meter - Overview

    The meter has been designed for fitters and measurement technicians performing services in residential buildings, office blocks, manufacturing plants and any facilities possessing a low-voltage electrical system. The instrument is also recommended for electrical maintenance personnel.

    Short Circuit Loop Impedance Meter - Features

    • power supply LR6 alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable AA batteries (4 pcs.)
    • dimensions 220 x 98 x 58 mm
    • instrument weight incl. batteries 509g
    • storage temperature -20...+70 Co - working temperature -10...+50 Co
    • humidity 20...80%
    • reference temperature +23 ± 2 Co
    • reference humidity 40...60%
    • altitude < 2000m
    • Auto-OFF time max. 900 sec.
    • number of Z measurement (for rechargeable batteries) >5000 (2 measurement/minute)
    • display LCD segment
    • type of insulation double, according to EN 61010-1 and IEC 61557
    • measurement category III 300 V according to EN 61010-1
    • protection class acc. to EN 60529 IP67
    • quality standard developed, designed and manufactured acc. to ISO 9001
    • the instrument is compliant with the requirements of IEC 61557
    • the instrument complies with PN-EN 61326-1:2006 and EN 61326-2-2:2006
  • Standard Programmable Resistor SRP-10G0-10T0

    Standard Programmable Resistor SRP-10G0-10T0

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    Standard Programmable Resistor - Overview 

    The SRP-10G0-10T0 calibrator, which has a range from 10GΩ to 10TΩ,  is a source of high resistance which is used as a standard in calibration and testing of analogue and digital insulation resistance meters. The selected resistance can be maintained for a long time under external direct voltage up to 10 000 V, provided that the current in the measuring circuit does not exceed 3 mA. The required resistance is set by the user using the calibrator's touch keypad or via an external PC application. The required value is set automatically thanks to the switching of a precise resistance matrix. The controlling processor calculates the required combination of resistors, ensuring adequate resistance precision.

  • Loop Impedance Meter MZC-304

    Loop Impedance Meter | MZC-304


    Safety Rating Cat IV at 300V label  Safety Rating Cat III at 600V label  Ingress protection IP67 label

    Loop Impedance Meter - Overview

    The MZC-304 meter is designed for testing the protection against electric shock in the mains systems. The meter is used to make measurements which determine the electrical installation safety level.

    Loop Impedance Meter - Features

    • Measurements of impedance in a short circuit loop
      • L-PE circuit
      • L-N, L-L circuit
      • L-PE(RCD) circuit - without tripping the circuit breaker  ≥ 30 mA
    • Low voltage resistance measurement
    • Continuity measurement - DC current +200 mA with wire resistivity rest
    • Low current resistance measurement with acoustic signalling
    • The measurements are possible in installations 220/30 V, 240/415 V with frequency range 45...65 Hz
    • Memory of 10 banks of 99 cells each (min. 10000 records)
    • Radio wireless interface communication
  • 10kV Insulation Resistance meter up to 40 Tera-Ohm | MIC10k1

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    IEC 61557 label Safety Cat IV at 600V label Safety Cat III at 1000V label Bluetooth Enabled label Ingress protection IP40 label


    10kV Insulation Resistance meter - Overview

    This insulation resistance meter has a digital filter function for measurements in a high-noise environment. Continuity measurement of protective connections and equipotential bonding in accordance with EN 61557-4 with current > 200 mA.  Adjustable limits for measured resistance RISO and RCONT. Measurement of leakage current during insulation resistance testing. DC and AC voltage measurement in the range of  0...750 V. Drawing graphs on the display during measurement. Innovative memory with the option to describe measurement points, facilities, and names of customers. Can be operated with a mini Bluetooth keyboard (optional). Stable measurements in noisy environments such as 765 kV substations. Graphic LCD 5,6'’ backlit display. Keyboard backlit. Power supply from battery packs. Built-in fast charger. The instruments meet the requirements of the EN 61557 standard.

    10kV Insulation Resistance meter - Features

    • clear visible display
    • measurement voltage in the range of: 50…10000 V (50...1000 V at 10 V and 1...10 kV at 25 V)
    • continuous indication of measured insulation resistance or leakage current
    • automatic discharge of measured object capacitance voltage after the end of insulation resistance measurement
    • acoustic signalling of 5 seconds intervals to facilitate capturing time characteristics
    • adjustable measuring time to 99'59'’
    • metered T1, T2 and T3 test times for measuring one or two absorption coefficients from the range of 1…600 s
    • polarization index (PI), absorption coefficients Ab1, Ab2 and dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) measurement
    • indication of actual test voltage during measurement
    • 1.2 mA, 3 mA and 5 mA test current
    • insulation resistance measurement using two- or three-wire method
    • measurements with test leads up to 20 m
    • protection against measuring live objects
    • automatic measurement of multiple core cables with the additional AutoISO-5000 adapter (for MIC-10k1 max. voltage 5 kV)
    • measurement of capacitance during the measurement of RISO
    • measurement of temperature (with additional probe - WASONT1)
    • step voltage insulation resistance measurement (SV)
    • Dielectric Discharge calculation (DD)
    • location of damage (burnout)


  • Short Circuit Loop Impedance Meter MZC-305

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    Safety Rating Cat IV at 600V labelSafety Rating Cat III at 1000V label

    Short Circuit Loop Impedance Meter - Overview

    The MZC-305 meter is a modern, easy-to-use, safety measuring device.  It is used to make measurements which help determine the electrical installation safety level. These tests help verify that if a fault occurs in an electrical installation, enough current will flow to operate the circuit breaker or fuse protecting the faulty circuit in the adequate, predetermined time.

    Short Circuit Loop Impedance Meter - Features

    • Loop impedance measurement resolution 0,01 Ω
    • Loop impedance measurement without tripping the circuit breaker > 30 mA with resolution 0,01 Ω (100...440 V)
    • Measurements possible in installations 110/190 V, 115/200 V, 127/220 V, 220/380V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V, 290/500 V and 400/690 V (range 100...750 V)
    • Short circuit current indication
    • Voltage measurement up to 750 V and up to 250 V with resolution 0,1 V
    • Measurements using Uni-Schuko adapter or test wires 1,2; 5; 10 and 20 m
    • Memory of 990 records
    • USB connection with PC
    • Powered by disposable or rechargeable (4xAA)