Time Domain Reflectometer -TDR-410

Time Domain Reflectometer -TDR-410

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Time Domain Reflectometer Overview

TDR-410 time-domain reflectometers are designed to detect  location of faults in metal wires. These products are designed for electrical wholesalers, cable dealers, electrical installation companies, maintenance personnel at manufacturing plants and building personnel.

SONEL reflectometers are known for their long range, up to 4,000 m for the TDR-410, very low margin of 1% error in measurement with the ability to adjust both the velocity of propagation and the impedance of the cable which is under investigation. By using two cursors there should be no problem with determining both the distance to two faults and the
distance between them.

Cable fault location Includes:

  • Location damaged power cables.
  • Fault location copper telecom cables.
  • Coaxial cable fault location.
  • Fault location wiring infrastructure.
  • Detection of breaks, short circuits, damage caused by dampness and other changes in impedance of the cable.
  • Graphic depiction of damage the cable with automatic indication the distance to fault on the screen.

Time Domain Reflectometer Features:

  • automatic or manual mode:
    • the automatic fault location (AFL),
    • manual range selection and sensitivity,
    • scan continuous or single measurement triggered manually
  • ranges from 7 m to 4000 m selected in manual mode or matched automatically,
  • “Dead zone” measure limited to 0.5 m,
  • Backlit 2.5 “LCD screen
  • scan automatically or manually trigger,
  •  manually or automatically adjusted sensitivity,
  • impedance matching,
  • propagation coefficient adjustment 1% to 99%,
  • water resistant housing.
  • small size and weight.
  • Extended battery life of 30 hours of continuously scan on one battery set.


Technical data:

  • Ranges: 7, 15, 30, 60, 120, 250, 500, 1km, 2km, 3km, 4km
  • Range Selection: Manual range control / Auto range.
  • Accuracy: 1% of selected range*.
  • Resolution: Approx 1% of range.
  • Minimum cable lenght: 4m (14ft).
  • Sensitivity: Min 3 pixel return at 4km on 0.6mm Ø, PE, TP.
  • Velocity Factor: Adjustable from 1% to 99%.
  • Output Pulse: 5 volts peak to peak into open circuit.
  • Output Impedance: Selectable 25, 50, 75 & 100 Ω.
  • Output Pulse: Width 3 ns to 3 µs, Automatic with range.
  • Scan Rate: 2 scans/second or scan held, pre set for each range scale.
  • Tone Generator: 810 – 1100Hz.
  • Battery Life: 30 hours continuous scanning.
  • Power Supply: 6 volts 4 x 1.5 AA Alkaline cells, on-screen low voltage indicator.
  • Power Down Selectable: 1, 2, 3, 5 minutes or disabled.
  • Back Lit Display: 128 x 64 pixel.
  • Voltage Protection: 250 volts AC.
  • Operating Temp: -10º / 50ºC.
  • Storage Temp: -20º +70° C.
  • Dimensions: 165 x 90 x 37 mm (6.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 ins).
  • Weight: 350 g (12oz).
  • Safety: IEC 61010-1, EN 60950.
  • EMC: BS/EN 61326-1.
  • Water/Dust Proof: IP54.



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