Schuetz Messtechnik

schuetz normal logoWho is Schuetz Messtechnik?

The company was founded in 1973 with the primary goal to develop high precision digital volt­meters. This under­taking successfully con­cluded with 5-1/2 digit high resolution and high accuracy instruments.

The company take­over of OTTO WOLFF in Berlin which develop Thomson-­Wheatstone Bridges for measure­ment of very low resistances and produce special coaxial precision shunts (with powers of some hundred watts), established a new sector of in­struments for resistance meters and lead to their main activity today.

What is our relationship with Schuetz Messtechnik?

Our relationship started in 2019 and Action Instruments source in particular Transformer test equipment from Schuetz .

These units have a great reputation due to accuracy and reliability. We offer local support and calibration in South Africa through a repair and calibration lab.

What does Schuetz Messtechnik do?

Manufacture test and measuring instrumentation for the electrical industry:

  • Benchtop Micro-Ohmmeters
  • Portable Micro-Ohmmeters
  • Cable testing rigs
    • Lab
    • Online
  • Sheet Metal Surface Quality
  • Transformer & Motor testing
    • Turns Ration Meters
    • Resistance Measuring Bridge
    • Transformer Loss measuring bridge
  • Battery Testing
    • Voltage
    • Internal Resistance
  • Fuel Cell Resistance

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