Algodue Electronica

Who is Algodue Electronica?

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Algodue Electronica was founded in 1986 and, with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing or customization of systems for the measurement and monitoring of electricity.

Their products are entirely designed and made in Italy in a factory located at Maggiora, 50 km from Milan.

They move towards constant improvements, actively involve the entire business team giving the opportunity to develop their potential.
Research, develop and maintain successful business relationships with customers, suppliers and partners. Maintain a constant focus and attention to the needs of each customer/partner.

What is our relationship to Algodue?

Our relationship started in 2020 and Action Instruments source electricity measuring instruments directly from Algodue products.

These units have a great reputation due to the accuracy and we offer local calibration in South Africa as we support you through a repair and calibration lab. This serves as a good basis to help resolve any difficulties, in the unlikely event of any issue with a product.

What does Algodue do?
Algodue Manufacture of products

Specialise in the design, development and manufacture of electronic and mechanical products, measuring and monitoring power quality.

  • Network Analyzers for Energy Control and Quality
  • MID Certified Energy Meters
  • Rogowski Coils certificate UL
  • Class A power quality analyzer
Algodue Products

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