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Techne Calibrations are a part of Cole Palmer and a division of Bibby Scientific, which are world leaders in the manufacture of temperature-controlled equipment. Their range includes laboratory equipment such as our Water baths and Dri-Block heaters, Industrial Fluidised Baths (to remove residues from plastic mould tooling in the industrial sector), Fluidised Calibration Baths, and Dri-Block calibrators.

Action Instruments Relationship to Techne Calibration?

Our relationship with Techne Calibration comes a long way and we have been importing Techne Calibration products for quite some time.

These units have a great reputation due to their accuracy and durability. We offer local calibration in South Africa as we support you through a local repair and calibration lab.

What does Techne Calibration do?

Dri-Block Temperature Calibrators
The Techne Block Calibrator series is used in a wide variety of industries for portable calibration of thermocouples, RTDs and liquid-filled sensors. The checking of temperature is vital in numerous industrial processes – engines, machines,  oilers, pumps, storage rooms, air conditioners, compressors used in power stations, chemical plants, refineries, offshore platforms, ships, steel works, and instrument companies.

Water Baths
A comprehensive range of temperature controlled water baths is available from Techne. Twenty different water bath combinations ensure a solution for most laboratory applications. With the use of accurate temperatures from -40°C up to 250°C;

Precision Temperature Fluidised Sand Baths
Exceptional temperature stability and uniformity make Techne fluidised baths the ideal choice for critical heat treatment procedures. They are pioneers in the development of fluidised bath technology and have a wide range of products capable of covering the temperature range –100°C to 1100°C. These are used in materials and component quality control, instrument calibration laboratories and thermal processing production departments.

They provide rapid heat transfer & precise temperature control to calibrate and maintain temperature sensitive instruments efficiently and safely.

Handheld Thermometers
The Model 4500 Series Ultra-High Accuracy Thermometer take metrology level temperature measurement from the laboratory to the production floor and the field.

The 4500 System uses coefficients stored in each probe with the Steinhart-Hart algorithm to calculate the exact temperature reading every time you plug in a probe to take a measurement. Even though they can be purchased separately. Ultra-high accuracy is achieved as the thermometer and probe function like they were calibrated together as a system.

The 4500 series thermometers accept a wide range of plug-in probes equipped with a proprietary Smart Probe system. The Techne probes utilise stable thermistors capable of providing fast response, high resolution and ultra-high accuracy.

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