Solar Irradiance Meters

Solar Irradiance Meters

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Solar Survey Irradiance meters

The Solar survey series of irradiance meters are the perfect tools  to conduct comprehensive solar site surveys, for solar photo voltaic and solar thermal installers.

With a photo voltaic reference cell to measure true irradiance, the solar survey provides greater accuracy and repeatability compare to irradiance meter which uses simply photo diode detectors.

These rugged handheld units measures irradiance, roof pitch with a inclinomter, orientation with a compass and ambient temperature as well as PV modules temperature with the 200R measuring results simultaneously to electrical tests, as required by the IEC 62446 international standard. Results can be downloaded from the PV 150/PV200 into software to issue certificates.

The solar survey 200R model includes a data logging facility with USB interface data can be to a PC. This allows for irradiance and temperature to be recorded at user-defined intervals over a number of hours or days, the collected data can then be downloaded to a PC for analysis of for inclusion in installation reports.

These high specification irradiance meters simply and quickly measure the sun’s irradiance, displaying the information in either W/m or BTU/hr-ft, making them ideal for both solar photo voltaic and thermal applications.

The solar survey  SS100 and SS200R both incorporate a display hold feature, which enables the user to easily capture reading in difficult locations.

Irradiance meter Solar Survey 100 and 200R Features

  • Includes  Calibration certificate
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Suitable for both photo voltaic and solar thermal installations
  • Ambient temperature measurement.
  • Measures irradiance as required by IEC 62446
  • Built-in compass and inclinometer measure roof orientation and pitch
  • Rugged, robust and handheld
  • Optional mounting bracket for accurate and easy measurements

Extra features of the 200R Solar Irrandiance Meter (Solar Survey 200R model only)

  • Supplied with suction mount temperature probe for hands-free ambient and surface temperature measurement
  • Features Seaward SolarlinkTM for wireless connectivity with the PV150/200 testers (available separately)
  • Built-in data logger and USB interface (includes USB cable)


Display Range 0 – 1500 W/m-2 or 30 – 500 BTU/hr-ft2
Measurement Range 100 – 1250 W/m-2 or 30 – 400 BTU/hr-ft2
Resolution 1W/m2 / 1 BTU/hr-ft22
Display Range -30°C to +125°C
Measurement Ranges -30°C to +125°C
Compass Bearing
Display Range 0° to 360°
Measurement Ranges 0° to 360°
Display Range 0° to 90°
Measurement Ranges 0° to 90°
Datalogging and connectivity (Survey 200R Only)
Datasets 5000
Sample Rate 1 to 60 minutes (user definable)
Datalogging Download utility software included
Compatible with SolarCert Elements software (version 1.1)
Connectivity USB download to PC
Wireless ‘Solarlink™’ to PV150/PV200 (range c. 30m / 100 ft)

General Specification

Optional accessories and spare parts
Suction mount PV module temperature sensor (396A980)
Mounting bracket for Solar Survey 100/200R (396A979)

Also available in the range

PV200 PV tester and I-V curve tracer (398A910)
PV200 Solarlink kit (398A918)
PV150 PV tester (388A913)
PV150 Solarlink kit (388A915)

SolarCert Elements test reporting and certification
software (393A910)
Solar power clamp (396A961)
SolarTag PV installation/DC warning labels (396A952/396A953)
PV inspection report pad (396A954)
PV array report pad (396A955)
PV verification certificate pad (396A956)
Pack of 3 PV test reports and certificate pads (396A957)

Display Custom LCD
Power Supply 2AA Alkaline Batteries
Battery Life >20,000 Readings
Auto power down After 2 minutes
Frequency 433MHz
Warranty 2 years (Terms and conditions apply.
Calibration 1 year



Who is Seaward?

Seaward based in Co. Durham, England and a market leader in the field of electrical safety test instrumentation with over 70 years experience in the design manufacture of market-leading electrical test equipment. Seaward’s unrivalled range of electrical test equipment serves a wide variety of safety testing and precision measurement applications. Seaward has been developing market-defining portable appliance testers, software and accessories for the PAT testing market. Also the Cropico and Clare ranges of precision instruments and industrial electrical test equipment bolster Seaward’s product offering and demonstrate the result of 70 years of technical expertise across a number of industries including manufacturing, utilities and aerospace.
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SS 100 Irradiance, Compass, Pitch Ambient °C, SS 200R same as SS100, Plus PV Module °C, Data-logging, Connectivity to PV150/PV200


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