Lambrecht Static Wind Sensor PREOS 16440

Lambrecht Static Wind Sensor PREOS 16440

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NMEA DAta Protocol label Aluminium Metal parts label No moving parts analogue output label

The Hottest Static Wind Sensor Around

The static hotwire air flow meters, also known as Thermal Anemometer, is specially designed for extreme environmental conditions including very cold-climates. With no movable elements, it can withstand winds of up to  0…100 m/s and measure wind speeds of up to 65 m/s. Extremely robust and compact sensor has a high-quality, pollutant-resistant housing made of anodised aluminium.

Static Wind Sensor Features

  • no movable measuring elements
  • measures wind direction and wind speed
  • standard RS 422 interface with ESD protection
  • ASCII data protocol according to NMEA 0183
  • simple, space-saving assembly
  • analogue output 4…20 mA for wind speed and wind direction
  • power supply 18…32 VDC with integrated overvoltage protection
  • integrated sensor head heating and heating ring in the base prevent a build-up of ice and snow at the sensor


Id-No. 00.16440.014002
Meas. range wind direction 0…360°
Meas. range wind speed 0.1…65 m/s
Accuracy wind direction ± 3°
Accuracy wind speed ± 0.5 m/s ± 5% of the measured value
Resolution wind direction
Resolution wind speed 0.1 m/s
Output 4…20 mA for wind speed and wind direction
Protocols NMEA 0183  | WIMWV
Range of application temperature -40…+70 °C heated (incl. Cold Climate applications)
wind speed 0…100 m/s
rel. humidity: 0…100 % r. h.
Strongest wind impact velocity 100 m/s
Supply voltage 18…32 VDC max. 2.5 A
heating: 24 VDC/ 70 W (max. 3 A) electrically controlled
Dimensions H 298 mm
Ø 108 mm
mast adapter Ø 50 mm for mounting on standard pipe
Housing aluminium
IP 66
Weight 1.5 kg
Options (order separately) connectable to: Indicator unit e.g. (14742) METEO-LCD
Data logger e.g. met[LOG], Ser[LOG] & SYNMET- LOG
Accessories (order separately) Mast and power supply unit
Visualisation and evaluation software




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