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  • Zeal Masons Hygrometer for Humidity Sale!



    Masons Pattern Hygrometer Overview

    Housed in a yellow plastic case with lid and bulb protection. Only available in Red Spirit.
    Supplied with Hygrometric tables, spare wick and instructions. Sold as single units.

    Masons Hygrometer Features
    • Requires no electricity
      • no flat batteries
      • no Atex issues.
    • Reading of  Wet and dry bulb Temperature
    • Use Hygrometric table to get Relative Humidity
  • Profile image of 24513 combined wind sensor

    Combined Naval Wind sensor 24513

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    Suitable for Naval use NMEA DAta Protocol label Seawater resistant Aluminium Metal parts label

    Wind sensor 24513 Combined naval wind sensor Overview

    Mechanical abrasion reduced to a minimum, paired with robust mechanics.  Measured wind values serially every second as a NMEA protocol. Work under extreme weather conditions at sea, as well as on land, this quality sensor is a great choice!

    Wind Sensor Applications:

    • professional marine meteorology
    • coastal surveillance
    • off shore wind power plants
    • drilling platforms
    • buoys
    • aggressive environmental conditions

    Naval Wind Sensor Features:

    • seawater resistant housing
    • IP 65
    • low starting values
    • high measuring accuracy and linearity across the whole measuring range
    • NMEA 0183
    • high quality and durable construction
  • Profile imageof metLOG meteorological data logger 95800

    met[LOG] 95800 Weather Data Logger

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    RS485 Input label Low Power consumption label Ethernet Network ready label data logger label

    Overview of Weather Data Logger:

    The met[LOG] data logger is an alone standing system together with its software met[app] quickly and easily transfer your climate data into your network (Ethernet LAN) in your local browser. The met[LOG]  auto-configures via plug & play for the uncomplicated commissioning of the serial LAMBRECHT meteo sensors.

    The Integrated web server in the met[LOG] for easy visualisation, platform-independence on a browser of the current climate data in your network. Platform-independent on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

    • displays the instantaneous values of your LAMBRECHT meteo station
    • exports the measured values stored by the met[LOG]
    • configures the met[LOG]

    Weather Data Logger Features  met[LOG] :

    • real-time access to measured data via an integrated webserver
    • visualised data in any browser
    • calculates trends and patterns
    • automatically performs corrections based on altitude and air pressure
    • issues a warning or raises an alarm thanks to its digital outputs
    • plug & play
    • auto-configuration by push of a button allows full working capability within seconds
    • various combinations are possible: 7 interfaces allow connection of 4 analogue and 3 serial sensors


  • Profile image of 15189 Rain weighing precipitation Sensor

    Precipitation Sensors 15189 according to Joss-Tognini

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    4 cubic cm bucket volume 2 cubic cm bucket volume dual circuit Heating elements precipitation amount analogue output labelAluminium Metal parts label

    Joss-Tognini Rain sensor overview.

    Is equipped with the features and advantages of the proven forerunners, the weighing sensor (15189) is the “class winner”! Its functionality meets exactly the demands of classical meteorology and hydrology, as well as semi-professional industrial meteorology. The sensor (15189) and its varieties are a very efficient and economical lifelong investment! Optional Digital or analogue output signal substantially simplifies the connection to PLC. ensity adjusted measurement of precipitation with serial measurand output via RS485. Winter-fit models a made from durable weatherproof materials.

    Rain precipitation Sensor according to Joss-Tognini

    • best price-performance ratio in its class!
    • single device or part of an automatic weather station
    • very reliable, weighing measuring system
    • high-quality materials
    • easy installation
    • Optional SDI-12 protocol (at RS485) for universal use  interface RS 485
    • LBP protocol (Lambrecht Bus Protocol)  interface RS 485
    • analogue output with selectable measuring range
    • connectable to Lambrecht's data logger met[LOG], Ser[LOG], PreLOG, TROPOS und SYNMET
  • Profile image of 15184 rain[e]H3 Weighing Rain Gauge

    Rain Gauge rain[e]H3 15184 Weighing Precipitation Sensor

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    Overview of Weighing Precipitation Sensor Protected against freezing.

    Due to the innovative weighing technology combined with a self-emptying collection vessel the rain[e] sets new standards in professional precipitation measurement. Its outstanding resolution and accuracy are approved all over the world. The rain[e]H3 with electrically regulated ring heating is designed for extreme cold climates. Integrated outside temperature sensor, real-time clock, electronic monitoring when opening the housing and remote servicing are features of continuous development. With optional port server and web interface, the rain[e]H3 is well equipped for all communicative demands in future.

    Weighing Precipitation Sensor

    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Integrated temperature sensor
    • Electronically controlled ring-, funnel- and drain-line heating
    • Outstanding resolution and accuracy
    • All-metal housing, weatherproof and long-living
  • Profile image of 15184 Rain precipitation Sensor

    Weight Precipitation Sensor 15184 rain[e]

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    Modbus RTU protocol

    The First Of A New Kind Of Precipitation Sensor Overview

    Lambrecht's rain[e] is a new type of weighing precipitation sensor with high resolution combined with a compact design.

    The unique self-emptying collection system enables the measurement of every single drop with a high resolution of 0.001 mm/m2 measuring from the first drop. Full functionality all year round, no requirement for antifreeze fluid making the rain[e] very environmentally friendly. This rain sensor is easy to lift, transport, install and maintain, with small packing volume and low weight to ensure minimum logistical effort.

    The rain[e] series is compatible with OTT and Campbell Scientific dataloggers and ideal for setup and expansion of rainfall measurement networks.

    Precipitation Sensor Features

    • amazing resolution and accuracy
    • checking of sensors with a tipping bucket and other weighing systems
    • compact and robust construction with a very low weight
    • all-metal housing, weatherproof and durable
    • best connectivity by several interfaces
    • installation and maintenance are very simple
    • Modbus optional


  • RS232 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor ARCO-NAV

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    Combined wind sensor NMEA DAta Protocol label Seawater resistant Aluminium Metal parts label

    Wind Speed and Direction Sensor ARCO-NAV with RS232 Output

    The classical combined sensor for off-shore applications. The robust design made from material resistant to seawater with special coating guarantee high reliability with error-free long time use. Wind values will be given as NMEA-protocol serially every minute. For applications close to the sea this sensor is the first choice for either extreme weather condition or on the sea.

    Features of Wind and Speed sensor ARCO-NAV

    • Special coating for error-free long time use
    • Combined sensor design for universal use
    • Best material quality and precision for low start-up values and wide measuring range
    • Wear-free data collection for high accuracy and resolution of the measuring values
    • Serial interface with NMEA 0183 p