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    Combined Naval Wind sensor 24513

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    Suitable for Naval use NMEA DAta Protocol label Seawater resistant Aluminium Metal parts label

    Wind sensor 24513 Combined naval wind sensor Overview

    Mechanical abrasion reduced to a minimum, paired with robust mechanics.  Measured wind values serially every second as a NMEA protocol. Work under extreme weather conditions at sea, as well as on land, this quality sensor is a great choice!

    Wind Sensor Applications:

    • professional marine meteorology
    • coastal surveillance
    • off shore wind power plants
    • drilling platforms
    • buoys
    • aggressive environmental conditions

    Naval Wind Sensor Features:

    • seawater resistant housing
    • IP 65
    • low starting values
    • high measuring accuracy and linearity across the whole measuring range
    • NMEA 0183
    • high quality and durable construction
  • RS232 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor ARCO-NAV

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    Combined wind sensor NMEA DAta Protocol label Seawater resistant Aluminium Metal parts label

    Wind Speed and Direction Sensor ARCO-NAV with RS232 Output

    The classical combined sensor for off-shore applications. The robust design made from material resistant to seawater with special coating guarantee high reliability with error-free long time use. Wind values will be given as NMEA-protocol serially every minute. For applications close to the sea this sensor is the first choice for either extreme weather condition or on the sea.

    Features of Wind and Speed sensor ARCO-NAV

    • Special coating for error-free long time use
    • Combined sensor design for universal use
    • Best material quality and precision for low start-up values and wide measuring range
    • Wear-free data collection for high accuracy and resolution of the measuring values
    • Serial interface with NMEA 0183 p