Who is Seaward?

Seaward is based in Co. Durham, England. Seaward has over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of market-leading electrical test equipment. Seaward’s unrivalled range of electrical test equipment serves a wide variety of safety testing and precision measurement applications.

Seaward developed market-defining portable appliance testers, software and accessories for the PAT testing market. Also, the Cropico and Clare ranges of precision instruments and industrial electrical test equipment bolster Seaward’s product offering. This is complemented by their high voltage as well as renewable test equipment with a special focus on portable solar testing devices for performance testing of PV Panels.

Furthermore Seaward has various brands related to its products which include

  • Clare Industrial
  • Cropico
  • Seaward HV
  • Seaward Solar
  • Rigel Medical or now Seaward  Medical

Action Instruments Relationship to Seaward?

Our relationship with Seaward comes a long way and we now have been a distributor of Seaward and Cropico products for a few decades.

These units have a great reputation with manufacturers and testing of transformer and motor rewinders due to their accuracy. We are able to do calibration locally in South Africa as we support you through a local repair and calibration lab.

What does Seaward do?

Seaward manufacturer and designer of high-quality Electrical test equipment including the following ranges:

  • High Voltage Testing
    • Voltage Indicators
    • Voltage Detectors
    • Safe Discharge Rods
    • Proving Units for High Voltage Testing Equipment
    • Current Measurement
    • Phasing Sticks
  • Installation Testing
    • Multi function Testers and Kits
    • Installation Calibration Checkboxes
    • Clamp Meters
    • Single Function Installation Testers
  • Ohmmeters (Micro Ohm meters and Milli Ohmmeters)
    • Bench-Mounted Ohmmeters
    • Portable Ohmmeters
  • Resistance Standards & Decades
  • PAT Testing Equipment
  • Renewable Test Equipment
    • Solar Irradiance Meters
    • Solar Installation Test Kit & I-V Curve Tracer
    • Solar Utility String Checker (1500V, 40A)
  • Clare Industrial Electrical Safety Testers
    • Safety Testing
    • Multi Function Calibrators

For more info about Seaward take a look a their website