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Digital Multimeters

Digital Multimeters measure various electrical values.  We supply a variety of Multimeters suitable for use by professionals or hobbyists.

  • Industrial Multimeter With Bluetooth | CMM30

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    Safety Rating Cat III at 1000V labelSafety Rating Cat IV at 600V labelBluetooth labelIngress protection IP67 label

    Industrial Multimeter CMM30 - Overview

    The Industrial Multimeter with Bluetooth CMM-30 model is a device from a new generation of industrial multimeters that combines versatility, modernity, and extraordinary durability. The instrument comes with 11 basic measurement functions together with additional functions to provide a wide range of applications. The smartphone app enables remote reading and saving of measurements, even from places with difficult access thanks to wireless communication. The backlight of the device automatically adjusts the brightness level of the screen and the control panel to the prevailing conditions, while the built-in flashlight allows working in the dark. The innovative design combines drop protection, IP67 casing, and ease of use, even with dielectric gloves. This device is created for electricians who value quality and innovation.

    Industrial Multimeter CMM30 - Features

    • 11 measurement functions
    • AC/DC voltage measurement
    • AC/DC measurement
    • Resistance measurement
    • Capacity measurement
    • Temperature measurement
    • Duty Cycle measurement
    • Frequency measurement
    • Manual and Automatic range selection
    • Simultaneously display the sum of DC and AC components
    • HOLD function to capture stable readings of noisy signals
    • Recording maximum/minimum/average values
    • Relative measurements
    • Display the peak value of the measured signal
    • True RMS for AC voltage and current
    • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless communication
    • Beeper for circuit continuity
    • Built-in flashlight
    • Automatic backlight
    • Robust housing with IP67 protection
    • Rotary switch designed for easy handling
    • Increased drop protection
    • Auto-OFF function
    • 6000 counts display
    • An optional strap with a hook


  • Modern Digital Multimeter with Flashlight, Bluetooth and IP65 Rated | CMM-11


    Safety Cat III at 600V label Flashlight Label Ingress protection IP65 label Bluetooth Enabled label

    Modern Digital Multimeter - Overview

    This Digital multimeter is the perfect solution for every electrician, fitter, installer and maintenance crew. The CMM-11 multimeter is designed for quick diagnostics of devices and electric circuits. Thanks to an ergonomic design and pocket size, CMM-11 will find a place in every tool bag and will not take much space. It has all the basic measuring functions you would come to expect of a modern-age digital multimeter. Due to the rubberised housing, it will resist falls up to 2,5 meters from mechanical damage.

    Modern Digital Multimeter - Features

    • manual and automatic range selection
    • Cat III 600V Rated
    • built-in flashlight
    • HOLD function for holding measured values
    • MAX/MIN function for displaying extreme values
    • compact housing
    • increased resistance to falls
    • beeper for sound signal circuit continuity
    • auto-OFF function
    • display 3¾ digit (count max 4000)


  • Economical Cat II 600V Digital Multimeter | CMM-10


    Safety Cat II at 600V label Ingress protection IP40 label

    Economical Digital Multimeter  - Overview

    An economical Cat II 600V digital multimeter with auto & manual range selection. It also includes a HOLD function to keep a measured value. The REL function gives value relative to a previous measured function. The Digital Multimeter CMM-10 has been designed for the purpose of measuring AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, temperature and also for testing diodes and continuity.

    Economical Digital Multimeter - Features

    • Auto/Manual range selection
    • DATA HOLD function, for holding measured values
    • REL function - measurements relative to a stored value
    • Continuity test with acoustic signalling (beeper)
    • AUTO-OFF function
    • Display 3 7/8 digits (5000 max)
  • True RMS Industrial Digital Multimeter CMM-40


    Safety Cat IV at 600V label Safety Cat III at 1000V labelIngress protection IP67 label

    Industrial Digital Multimeter -  Overview

    This Industrial Digital multimeter CMM-40 was designed for measurements of AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency (electrical and electronic), duty cycle, temperature, testing diodes and continuity. It is a Cat IV Digital multimeter rated up to 600V or Cat III up to 1000V.

    Industrial Digital Multimeter  - Features

    • 2 Years Warranty
    • Auto/manual range selection
    • display 4¾ digits (40000 max)
    • "DATA HOLD” function, for holding measured values
    • "REL” function, comparing measurements relative to a stored reference value
    • "MAX/MIN” function
    • "PEAK HOLD” function
    • memory for 2000 measurement results
    • continuity test with acoustic signalling (beeper)
    • "AUTO-OFF” function
    • double moulded, IP65 waterproof casing
  • Profile picture-Advanced Industrial Multimeter

    Advanced Industrial Digital Multimeter | CMM-60


    Advanced Industrial Digital Multimeter - Overview

    The CMM-60 multimeter allows you to record data thanks to the Trend Capture function showing a historical graph from the built-in memory. It is also possible to transfer data and analyse the results in the Multimeter Software. The device facilitates the diagnostics of potential problems covering the operation of industrial automation, electromechanical devices, motors and distribution of electricity. Precise indications, the convenience of use and early detection of irregularities in the operation of machines and devices are the main benefits of having this device in your equipment. All whilst adhering to strict safety requirements during work in industrial conditions.

    Advanced Industrial Digital Multimeter - Features

    • Colour display with a counting range of up to 50,000 digits
    • Allows reading at a wide-angle in poor lighting conditions
    • Quickly detect irregularities due to measurement results displayed in graphical form
    • Over 14 measurement functions
    • Display the value of the constant and variable component or the sum during voltage measurement
    • The 4~20mA function for measurement of the control circuits of temperature, pressure, pH or flow sensors
    • True RMS for AC voltage and current allows measuring the effective value of distorted waveforms
    • Built-in low-pass filter
    • Save results of fast 1ms waveforms thanks to the PEAK value measurement function
    • Relative measurement function allows elimination of resistance values of test leads
    • Display the result of the measurement of the constant and alternating components of the signal simultaneously
    • Real-time clock to add date and time of measurement to each sample
    • Recalling measurement results from the built-in memory for 2000 measurements
    • Registration of maximum and minimum values
    • Calculation of the average of current measurements
    • Built-in Bluetooth
    • HELP function
    • Optional strap with a hook
    • IP67 protection level
    • The rotary switch has been designed for easy handling
    • Dedicated lithium-polymer battery
    • A dedicated charger and power supply for charging the battery without removing it

    "m.v." means a standard measured value