Who is Sonel?Sonel Logo png

Established in June 1994 by electrical engineers, with a good knowledge of the market needs for specialised test equipment. In 1998 company’s name and their legal status and company changed in 1998 to SONEL S.A.

Who are we to Sonel?

We are a sole distributor of Sonel measurement and test equipment in South Africa since 2017.

What does Sonel do?

SONEL S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality measuring instruments for electrical, power generation and telecommunications sectors.

The meters are used to measure:

  • fault loop resistance and impedance
  • insulation resistance
  • earth resistance and soil resistivity
  • residual current protections
  • current, voltage
  • multi functional meters which combine the above-mentioned features
  • thermal imagers
  • low resistance meters
  • phase sequence testers
  • wire tracers
  • power quality analysers
  • clamp meters
  • multimeters
  • pyrometers
  • illuminance meters.

For mroe info on Sonel please take a look at their website :