Underground wires and pipe locator (SONEL)

Wires and pipe locator
The device, with any GPS module and dedicated program (LKZ Terminal), that is provided with the set, will allow you to plot the route of the underground object and mark the location of single measurement positions on the map. Communication of the LKZ with GPS module is through the Bluetooth.


LKZ-1500 new underground utility locator in SONEL offer, with useful features:

  • Track the route on the GPS map
  • Detecting faults in cables (with A frame)
  • Cable detection up to 6 meters depth

The LKZ-1500 allows you to locate, identify and track the route of buried objects in the ground, such as:

  • power and control cables, data and telecommunications cables,
  • underground lighting and cathodic protection systems,
  • water and sewage installations,
  • fuel and transmission installations: gas and other pipelines,
  • heating systems and preinsulated pipes.




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