Who is Rotronic?

Rotronic was founded in 1965, with the company’s headquartered in Switzerland they are an international trading and manufacturing company with headquarters based in Bassersdorf. The company remained a family business up and until 2017. It grown, out of success, so much that the company joined the battery ventures corporation of PST to ensure that Rotronic kept developing according to the company’s vision.

Rotronic headquarters

Rotronic headquarters Switzerland

The companies measurement and monitoring are in operation around the world and help monitor the air we breathe, monitor the conditions of the food we eat, and monitor in production the products we buy and help make the world a safer place.

The quality of there products confirms the statement “Swiss precision”.

Our Relationship with Rotronic

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We have been a sole distributor of Rotronic instruments in Southern Africa since the 1980’s. Rotronic follow the principles that is known of Swiss manufacturers: precision and sustainable. In short their product are made to last. These units have a great reputation due to the Swiss precision, accuracy and durability.

We support Rotronic through calibration and repair services here in South Africa, with a local repair and calibration lab. This serves as a good basis to help re-solve any difficulties, in the unlikely event of a issue occurring with a product. We therefor are able to support most product lines locally as a first line of defence.

We also deal closely with the trade and have a network of close partners that help us to distribute the products in Southern Africa.

What does Rotronic Do?

In short they provide Measurement Solutions targeting the HVAC industry with specific focus on industries where the management of the environment is critical for example the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry.

They manufacture products to the highest quality and they have long been known for their high accuracy humidity and temperature sensors which they continually apply innovative technologies to enhance their products. Rotronic are always developing additional products, to offer customers maximum flexibility.

The product portfolio therefore now comprises solutions for:

  • Humidity measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • CO2 measurement
  • Differential pressure measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Flow measurement
  • Dew point measurement
  • Humidity and temperature measurement and data-logging in industrial, commercial and research environments
  • Remote monitoring system

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