Ralston Instruments Inc (USA)

Who is Ralston Instruments?Ralston Instruments Pressure Calibration logo

When precise, reliable pressure calibration is essential, trust Ralston Instruments. For over 40 years they have engineered pressure calibration equipment and systems for a wide range of applications, saving time and taking the guesswork out of critical pressure testing, maintenance and repair operations.

Founded in 1969 by Doug Ralston, today Ralston Instruments continues to be a family-owned company with a proud history of innovation. Responding to the demand for convenient, accurate ways to calibrate pressure instruments in industries around the globe, Ralston invented the first handheld pneumatic pump in 1969, followed by the development of the first hydraulic hand pump in 1970.

That passion for advancing pressure calibration components remains undiminished. In 1993, RI launched the first fully integrated system of Quick-test™ hoses and adapters. Designed for low volume, high-pressure connections to virtually any device being tested, this unique design offers secure, time-saving connections without using a wrench or thread sealant. Ralston’s integrated calibration pressure sources are the ultimate solution for performing differential or static pressure calibrations using nitrogen or compressed gas.

What is our relationship with Ralston Instruments?

These units have a great reputation due to their accuracy and reliability. We offer local support and calibration in South Africa through a repair and calibration lab. This serves as a good basis to help resolve any difficulties, in the unlikely event of any issue with a product.

What does Ralston Instrumentation do?

All Ralston products are made in the USA using superior design and manufacturing techniques. They Specialise in Pressure Calibrators. Products include Calibration Pressure controllers, Pressure Calibration Gauges, Pressure Manifolds and Pressure Test Pumps.

When the job requires hand pumps that deliver pressure, hoses and adapters for fast, fail-safe connections, or precision calibration tools, Ralston Instruments provides the most complete pressure calibration solutions whether in the laboratory or in a remote location.

See more on their website : https://www.ralstoninst.com/products