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Enerac is a manufacturer of Portable Combustion/Emission Gas Analysers with a proven track record going back as far as 1979 when they produced their first model. They still service EVERY product ever made going back to their first models as they stand behind their analysers and provide excellent customer service! You might therefor never have to buy another replacement unit again.

Further more they make the world’s most accurate electrochemical gas sensors only available through Enerac as they are the inventor!)


Enerac specialises in Gas emission testing with portable Combustion Gas analysers like below:

Action Instruments Relationship with Enerac?

We were contacted by Enerac to become the local representative and distributor for Enerac in Southern Africa in August 2018.

Please feel free to contact us, we would be happy to assist with further information regarding Eneracs equipment.

What does Enerac do?

Enerac makes excellent quality built to last Combustion or Emission Gas Analysers. They also invented the SEM sensors, which Enerec claim to be the worlds most accurate sensors. The come configured in Dual Ranges. The higher range is ussually three times the low range. Sensor can be engineered to meet customer requirements.

Combustion Analyser Enerac 500

Possible Parameters:  Ambient and Stack Temperature, O2, CO, H2S, NO, NO2, True NOx, SO2, CxHy, Stack Velocity, Combustion Efficiency (0-100%), grams / brake-hp-hr

Handheld Combustion Gas Analyser portable

Gas Analyser Enerac 700

Possible Parameters: Ambient and Stack Temperature, O2, CO, CO2, Combustables, H2S, NO, NO2, True NOx, SO2, CxHy Stack Velocity, Combustion Efficiency (0-100%), grams / brake-hp-hr

as well as the Automotive version.

Enerac 700AV 5 Gas Analyser

Possible Parameters: O2, CO, CO2, HC, Excess Air, Air to Fuel ratio, Lambda, Equivalence Ratio, Volumetric flow rate, Mass flow rate

They have lately added on a Diesel Particulate Analyser

Enerac DPM Diesel Patriculate Analyzer

Real time Diesel Particulate analyser

and can also provide a Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow meter for liquids

Enerac Hand Held Ultrasonic Flowmeter Model # FLM409

Portoable Handheld Ultrasonic flow meter for liquids