Eurotherm Logo

Action Instruments Inc (USA)
I/O modules, digital indicators and monitors, 2-wire transmitters and sensor assemblies.

Alicat Scientific Logo

Alicat Scientific (USA)
Flow Meters, Controllers, pressure meters and gauges for gases and liquids.


Automatic System Laboratories Ltd (UK)
Ultra-accurate temperature measuring apparatus and high precision displacement / position monitoring equipment.

AW lake logo

AW-Lake Company (USA)
Lake Monitors and AW Flow Meters.

Cambridge Sensotek
Range of gas analysers in portable, bench and rack-mountable configurations designed to measure Oxygen, Multi gas, SF6 and leak detection with parameters including: CO2, CO, H2O, O2, C2H4, SO2, SF6, CH4, H2, H2S

cropico Logo

Cropico Ltd (UK)
Electrical testing, measurement and calibration instrumentation for workshop, field and laboratory.

Dantec Logo

Dantec Dynamics
Electrical testing, measurement and calibration instrumentation for workshop, field and laboratory.

Delta Tronic

Make high quality Oil Flash  Tester  to determin  the dielectric breakdown voltage of insulating liquid ranges of 60kV, 80kV or 100kV

Logo of Enerac

Makes excellent quality built to last Combustion or Emission Gas Analysers.

Eriks (Netherlands)
The ERIKS group has become a leading and innovative supplier to all segments of industry, fulfilling the twin roles of specialists and total suppliers.

ELABO GmbH (Germany)
Measuring & testing systems, automatic test systems, work place systems, for electrical testing of appliances, components, machines & power distribution systems

Fluke Logo

Fluke Norma
Wide range of high quality electrical and electronic measuring instruments and systems used in power engineering and for testing of protective measures and specialising in Power Analysis equipment.

GF Logo

Georg Fischer (Switzerland)
Today GF Piping Systems is a leader in piping systems for the safe and secure conveyance of liquids and gasses

Guide Infrared Logo

Guide Infrared
GUIDE ‘s portfolio covers Thermography, Commercial Vision Systems, Thermal imaging Government systems and Lens & Blackbody completely, offering global customers with hundreds of IR products in different levels for various applications from industrial maintenance to security surveillance.

Hamber Flow Logo

Hamberflow Ltd (UK)
Stainless steel flow indicators.

HV Cable fault, tracing, mapping and location. With HiPOT testers for HV

Interface Logo

Interface Inc (USA)
Load cells for mass measurement and control applications.

International Sensors Logo

International Sensor Technology (USA)
A complete Line of Stationary and Portable Gas detection.

KPM Logo

K P Mundinger GmbH (Germany)
Moisture measurement in solids and granules.

Lambrecht LOGO

Lambrecht Meteo (Germany)
Process meteorological instruments including wind (anemometer and solid state) Temperature, Precipitation, Pressure, radiation and evaporation.. The weather specialists since 1859.

MBW Calibration Logo

MBW Elektronik AG (Switzerland)
Chilled mirror dew point measuring systems down to -90 degrees C dew point.

Newtons 4th logo

Newtons 4th (UK)
Precision Power Analysers. A new generation in high performance power analysis.

PTL Logo

PTL Dr. Grabenhorst GmbH
Manufacture test equipment for type testing including

Platon Logo

Platon Instrumentation (UK)
Variable area flow indicators for liquids and gases, Purge meters, metal tube, glass, plastic, FloBar etc. Flow and pressure switches & transmitters, valves and pumps.

Primary Flow Points Logo

Primary Flow Points
Visual flow indicators.

Ralston Logo

Ralston Instruments Inc (USA)
Quick Test portable hand operated system for checking, testing and calibration of pressure instruments in the field.

Thommen aircraft equipment logo

Revue Thommen (Switzerland)
Pressure & barometric instrumentation.

Rhosonics (Netherlands)
Ultrasonic concentration and density analysers, sensors and probes for analysis of concentration, density or composition of liquids, emulsions and slurries.

Rittmeyer Logo

Rittmeyer (Switzerland)
Flow, position and pressure measurement technology for water and energy management in large dams [e.g. Katse Dam], penstocks, dredgers, water chambers, turbine discharge, water distribution networks, locks, weirs, irrigation plants and sewerage treatment plants.

Roline Logo

Roline/TES (Pacific Rim / Switzerland)

Handheld digital thermometers, sound level meters, hygro-thermometers, multimeters, clamp meters, lightmeters, pen testers, rev-counters. Catalogue

Rotronic Logo

Rotronic (Switzerland)
Humidity, temperature, air velocity, air pressure measurement and data-logging in industrial, commercial and research environments. Remote Monitoring System for Environmentally sensitive application.

Royce Technologies Logo

Royce Technologies (USA)
Instruments for dissolved oxygen, blanket level and total suspended solids / turbidity measurement.

scan Logo

s::can (Austria)
s::can is the inventor, technology leader and worlds leading supplier of UV-Vis spectrometer probes, other optical probes and accessories for the monitoring of waters and other kinds of liquids. s::can unique technology allows the measurement of numerous parameters in most diverse applications from drinking water, environmental monitoring, waste waters up to industrial fluids.

Schiltnecht Logo

Schiltknecht (Switzerland)
Vane and thermo electrical anemometers, wind speed and direction instruments, micro water flow meters, micro pressure gauges and special pitot tubes.

Georg Fischer Signet Logo

Signet Scientific Company (USA)
Comprehensive range of liquid flow measuring and batching equipment and pH, ORP and conductivity analytical instrumentation.

Sonel Logo png

They manufacture instruments: fault loop resistance and impedance, insulation resistance, earth resistance and soil resistivity, residual current protections, current, voltage¬∑ multifunctional meters which combine the above-mentioned features, thermal imagers, low resistance meters, phase sequence testers, wire tracers, power quality analysers, clamp meters, multimeters, pyrometers, illuminance meters.

SWR Engineering Logo

SWR Engineering (Germany)
Solids measurement of Flow, Level & Moisture. Dust & Flow Detection 

TAO Systems Logo

Tao Systems
Flow and structural measurement products for the aeronautics/marine engineering industries and the general fluid dynamics community.

Tecflow Logo

Tecflow International (Netherlands)
Chemical resistant liquid turbine-type flow meter range and associated converters.

Techne Logo

Techne Calibration (Cambridge) Ltd (UK)
Dry block, constant temperature and refrigerated baths for temperature calibration including portable thermo-regulators.

cosa xentaur logo

Cosa + Xentaur (USA)
Provide Industry with reliable solution for measurement of moisture and dewpoint in gasses and liquids based on Xentaur’s proprietary HTF aluminium oxide sensor technology.

Zeal Logo

GH Zeal – Alexander Wright Division (UK)
Wet type gas flow meters, digital pressure data logger / indicator and pressure / temperature recorders.

zelisko Logo

Dr Josef Zelisko GmbH (Austria)
Specialised current and voltage transformers.